The Beginning

What’s up everyone! I am Jae Kim, CEO of Ocean Drive Studio, a newly established game development studio based in Korea and US. I am beyond excited that I finally can introduce the studio and myself to you, passionate gamers. 

Ocean Drive Studio is something that I have dreamt for years. I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and worked on some of the most popular online games as a programmer and a game director; titles including Shattered Galaxy(MMORTS), FIFA ONLINE 1, 2 and Romance of Three Kingdoms; Legend of Cao Cao Online. While I enjoyed working on these titles, I always have thought about establishing my own studio focused on the right values, working on the games that our team is passionate about. I was lucky enough to meet our founding members who shares same thoughts, and finally we could start this new studio.  

As the founding group of this studio is very much focused on creating the most enjoyable gameplay experiences, we have established three key values which can guide our development direction going forward. The first value is FUN”. Games are supposed to be something very fun to play, but lots of surroundings can derail the development and forces teams to make wrong compromises. At Ocean Drive, we will be always prioritizing what’s best for creating the “FUN” gaming experiences. Second and Third value is related to how we want to develop and operate the games. Those values are “SINCERITY and “COMMUNICATION”. We will be pursuing open development, and the goal is to share the process of our development and getting feedback from the players. We will be communicating frequently and collecting feedbacks. The team is very open to hearing what players think and will be reviewing all feedbacks for better game service.  

Today’s blog is the beginning of our journey and we will be continuously updating where we are with the establishing the studio and the game we are currently working on.  

Thank you and let’s stay in touch. 


Jae Kim  



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