We are Hiring!! – US Office

Hi everyone!

We are finally start building our US office (Ocean Drive Games, Inc.), which will serve as a global HQ for game services. Ocean Drive Games will be responsible for everything related to providing great game service to the global game community! (from localization, marketing, PR, community to customer support) and will be involved in the game development process by joining the milestone review, and providing feedback and insights from the market and the community.

For now, we are opening few positions which needs to start Q1 next year(Jan – Mar 2021). We are looking for anyone interested in building a new studio focused on providing true community-driven game service.

I know we haven’t shared anything about the game projects yet due to marketing and legal challenges, but I can assure you, the games that we are building are focused on creating creative and engaging gameplay. I believe we should be able to share something early next year!

All the positions are based in El Segundo, California (Greater Los Angeles Area). During COVID19 times we will be all working from home, but after the pandemic we will require everyone to be at the office with flexible working hours.


Please check attached job description and submit Your CV here if you are interested: recruit-global@oceandrive.studio

Also, if you know somebody who would fit well for the position, please let them know about the opportunity!

Localization Manager/Director:

Localization Project Manager:

Lead Social & Community Manager:

Lead Copy Editor:

Copy Editor:

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