Town Hall 4th Edition (Recap)

Greetings, tacticians.
This is a recap of the 4th edition of our Town Hall series, where we answer questions directly from members of our community! This is an officially curated series of questions answered by Ocean Drive Studio’s Creative Director for Lost Eidolons, Jin Sang! This town hall occurred last month as a celebration livestream at the end of the Lost Eidolons Kickstarter campaign. Check out this edition’s questions asked below.

❈ Twitch | Dangercreed: “Do spells ramp up? Like fire to Elfire or mega fire type stuff?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “You have a basic fire skill and then a stronger fire skill, and then the final fire spell in the branch wouldn’t be as strong as the second one but rather cover an area.”

❈ Twitch | StartgameSocial: “Can you customize stats on armor, as well? Such as upgrading stats or socketing?
  • CD Jin Sang: “Stats on items won’t be random; any specific item will always have a specific set of stats. For now, we aren’t creating a jewel socketing system, but we have designs for a similar system perhaps for a future campaign or section of the game.”
❈ Twitch | StartgameSocial: “Will there be certain troops counter others? Such as axe being more effective against spears, ect.?
  • CD Jin Sang: “Not quite like Fire Emblem, which is mainly based on weapons, but there will be an advantage/disadvantage flow between types of weapons and armor. For example, an axe might be good against plate armor, or a sword against cloth.”

❈ Twitch | thegreatskeletor: “What will you be able to equip? Like just a weapon and armor, or will we also be able to equip shields, accessories, etc.?”
  • CM Pat: “There’s weapon, there’s sub-weapon, there’s armor, there’s accessory I believe… there’s mount. Actually not sure if there’s accessory, but there’s consumable. I believe there’s shield too right?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “Yeah you can do one-hand and shield. And there’ll be a class where you can wear two swords.”
  • CM Pat: “What about two shields?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “Uh, no.”
  • CM Pat: “Got my hopes up, thought I could play it like a door man in Dark Souls.”

❈ Twitch | Dangercreed: “how advanced is the AI? ie. AI focusing weaker units or more advantages fights maybe combo’s just like the player?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “The AI focuses on weaker units in which they can get more damage in.”
  • CM Pat: “It seems like they focus on killing blows too. I lost a unit in my playthrough that I carelessly placed.”

❈ Twitch | TobenRacicot: “I wanted to ask, are most map objectives to clear all enemy units or are there other win conditions beside rout?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “There will be some escort mission, or missions that have a turn limit that require you to traverse to a specific part of the map within that limit. Or they will be a defending mission which requires you to survive to a certain number of turns.”

❈ Twitch | Argonaut: “will there be green units like AI friendly”
  • CD Jin Sang: “There will be some.”
  • CM Pat: “In certain scenarios, huh.”

❈ Twitch | thegreatskeletor: “will there be “hopeless missions” in which you’re meant to lose? and if so can you actually win those battles?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “I can’t really say it’s exactly the same but… there will be something like that. Yo-”
  • CM Pat: “Without spoiling anything!”
❈ Twitch | thegreatskeletor: “what is your’re favorite weapon types in a strategy game?”
  • CM Pat: “I always like spears, but I always feel like people find them a little cheap since they often can attack from more than one tile away.”

❈ Twitch | Dee: “will allies have bonds with other units? will these bonds have buffs?”
  • CM Pat: “It’s done in a specific way where the bond that you have is between Eden the protagonist and his fellow allies. The bond is not developed between the allies themselves.”

❈ Twitch | icy_skizors: “Is there any planned ost tracks we will be able to listen to before the game releases?”
  • CM Pat: “Yes there will be! Clark is working hard. The track you’re hearing right now is a mock-up of one of the tracks. As we finish the tracks we’ll share them with the community for feedback. The track you’re hearing now is a mock of the camp music. ”

❈ Twitch | Dangercreed: “can you upgrade weapons?”
  • CM Pat: “So can you upgrade a weapon from wood to iron, or iron to steel, or +1 or +2?”
  • CD Jin Sang: “Closest thing would be the gem socketing system we talked about previously.”

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