NOW OPEN: Closed Beta 3


Join us in Section 13 one more time, doors are now open for 5 days!
Contain the threat and eliminate the QTs lurking around, while catching some game bugs all at once.

We have teamed up with Alienware Arena for this closed beta. If you haven’t played a previous beta, make sure to claim your key HERE first.
We will also be giving away keys on our Twitch live streams linked HERE with the schedule below:

  • CB3 Opening Stream: May 18 2:00 PM PDT – 3:30 PM PDT
  • Super Influencer Stream: May 19 3:00 PM PDT – 4:30 PM PDT
Beta Schedule
  • PDT: 10 AM, May 18 – 10 AM, May 23
  • EDT: 1 PM, May 18 – 1 PM, May 23
  • CEST: 7 PM, May 18 – 7 PM, May 23
  • ICT: 12 AM, May 19 – 12 AM, May 24
  • KST: 2 AM, May 19 – 2 AM, May 24
Our Mission
  • Show improvements made from CB1 and CB2 players’ suggestions and confirm the game is on the right path.
  • Test out the adjusted game balance difficulty and weapon balance for solo playthrough.
Your Assignments
  1. Claim your Blackout Protocol beta key HERE
    • If you have already played a previous beta, you’ll be able to play HERE

  1. Participate in the survey HERE
  2. Leave your bug report and feedback HERE and vote for others’ feedback
  3. Join Discord and discuss everything and anything Blackout Protocol with fellow agents HERE
Quick Note

For returning Agents that have played in any previous betas, you will lose all progression data and start fresh. This is so that we can accurately assess how effective the changes were from the previous betas.

Also, main menu navigation is something we are still actively working on based on the CB1 and CB2 feedback but unfortunately not part of this beta.

Read more about what we’re doing to improve it in THIS blog.

Just in case you need a refresher on how to navigate the main menu:

  • Overall navigation: Use arrows and/or WASD keys and press “Enter” to select
  • Quick Start: Join a random room or it will create a room for others to join
  • Lobby: Find another agent’s room or create your own – The room is named after the host’s name
  • Settings: You can change video, controls, audio, and language settings

Right-Side of Menu

  • *NEW* Open Tutorial Videos: Watch YouTube videos on some basics and tips on how to play Blackout Protocol like a pro!
  • Open Play Test Survey: Take the survey on the web form. Your feedback is appreciated!
  • Open Feature Upvote: Leave your suggestion, feedback, or report bugs on the board

And if you want to check out what changes have been made from CB2, check out our PATCH NOTES.

Join us once more in containing Section 13!

–ODS Kangaroo

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