Lost Eidolons Feature Spotlight: Lore/Story

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This is the first feature showcase blog in a new series where we’ll be checking out some of the distinct details of Lost Eidolons that define it as a game. For the first edition, we’ll be going over one of the most important things that make a role-playing game special: the story!

Lost Eidolons is a medieval western fantasy RPG and as such, you can expect a story befitting the setting and era.

In the times of yore, before mankind first set foot on land, the world was devoid of all life. On this blank canvas, the great deity Artelyz bestowed their blessing on the four primal elements–fire, lightning, wind, and water–granting them the power to create life, and a mission to shepherd the burgeoning world.

These four beings of pure energy, henceforth known as the Eidolons, soon became objects of worship to early humanity. Seduced by vanity and ambition, they betrayed their sacred vow and sought to rule the world as gods, enraging Artelyz who was ultimately forced to strike them down for succumbing to the vices of vainglory.

But the power of the four elementals would not be lost forever. Before their downfall, each of the Eidolons imparted a piece of themselves within a chosen human vessel. Imbued with unimaginable powers, these champions helped shape the world into what it is in the present era — and though they’ve since vanished into the mists of legend, folklore claims their ancient bloodlines remain dormant to this day.

The timeline of Lost Eidolons takes place on the continent of Artemesia. Once a land of seven sovereign kingdoms ruled by seven noble houses, it is today an oppressive feudal empire, with seven provinces “united” under the iron fist of their now-aging conqueror, Emperor Ludivictus. Against this backdrop of corruption, civil strife, and sinister conspiracies, an insurgent rebellion emerges, intent on overthrowing the empire and forging a new world.

Lost Eidolons lore blog world map conceptIn Lost Eidolons, you’ll follow the tragic epic of Eden. Hailing from Lonetta (a small village in the Province of Benerio), Eden is a carefree mercenary leader beloved by his friends and neighbors. But Eden’s simple life is disrupted when local injustices force him to take a stand. He and his allies become entangled within the threads of an inescapable fate, led to play their part in an escalating conflict that will rattle the foundations of an empire — and, in the process, challenge their courage, their principles, and their loyalty to one another.

While the plot of Lost Eidolons will see Eden tested by all the ethical challenges of a furious civil war, it’s important to note that the game itself won’t feature story-altering player choices. Instead, we’re focused on telling a single, timeless story as well as we can.

With all these obstacles in his way, how will Eden overcome the trials before him, become the leader he’s meant to be, and bring justice to a war-torn world?

This Friday, we’ll cover the next feature spotlight highlighting Camp Actions, the outgame side activities and unit management part of Lost Eidolons!

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