Lost Eidolons Feature Spotlight: Camp Actions/Outgame

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Earlier this week we discussed some of the backstory and lore of Lost Eidolons. For this blog we’ll be talking about what sort of actions you can perform in the encampments and outposts that you’ll visit between story sequences! We describe this as the outgame of Lost Eidolons.

(As a disclaimer, Lost Eidolons is actively under development and visual media shown in this blog and others is not representative of the final game! We’ve got a lot of polishing to do!)

The Camp: Place of Preparation

The camp serves as an important place of respite for the player between every major story sequence. Before setting off to the next encounter, take some much needed time to explore the various facilities made available to you. Whether it’s equipping your units with new gear or recruiting new allies, preparation is key to securing victory out in the field! If a scenario proves to be too challenging, it’s worth considering a change in strategy and unit composition to overcome these obstacles.

Merchants: What are ya buyin’?

Lost Eidolons camp actions merchant trade window

Let’s make a deal!

The merchants are where you can spend your gold to acquire new equipment, spells, consumables, and in some cases key items. There are three types of merchants including equipment, consumable, and rare barterers.

Players should often check the merchants to see if they can procure new items to equip their units with. The foundation to a powerful militia is the arms and armor that they carry!

Leadership: Fostering Your Army

When you enter the camp, you’ll notice you have a special resource called Leadership. Leadership is replenished whenever you enter an episode’s camp for the first time. It is spent to gain additional rewards when partaking in activities around the camp. As the resource is finite and does not replenish until the next camp, you must carefully decide how to allocate it as to improve your bearing among your troops. Note that Leadership will not carry over to the next camp, so you should spend it all before proceeding to the next combat scenario. As a note, there are methods to increase the maximum amount of Leadership that you can regenerate to.

Leadership can be used to train a unit’s skills, partake in special side quests, and improve affinity with certain characters presiding in the camp.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that you can still perform these activities without Leadership, however the reward for your efforts is significantly less without the resource. The envisioned way of playing is to spend your Leadership and move on, but for those who are struggling or close to an affinity threshold, they have the option to grind it out if they really want it before continuing.

Affinity: Improving Relations & Recruitment

Improving your relation with camp inhabitants and visitors can lead to new potential recruits, improved combat abilities (explained in next Friday’s blog covering combat), or other special events.

As you are playing Lost Eidolons, sometimes there will be visitors who may visit your outpost. Many will wander into these camps on their own accord, but some also require special conditions in order to be invited. Once they arrive at the camp, they won’t stay for long, so you should make an effort to convince them to join your camp permanently while you can. By raising your affinity with them, you can officially recruit them to your party.

Speaking with party members and visitors, gifting them items, dining with them, taking care of the horses with them, and completing their side stories can help improve your relation with them quicker! But be careful, as different characters have different ambitions, so you should be careful to pick suitable dialogue options depending on who you’re spending time with.

Story: Advancing the Plot

The camp is also an important place to advance stories in Lost Eidolons, both major and minor. As we had mentioned in the announcement blog, Eden and his party will have to make many vital decisions that will help shape their vision of a better empire. Each character in Lost Eidolons has their own motives, goals, and sense of justice that may not always align with one another. Completing main story and side stories objectives can help the player understand each of their ambitions better while also providing rewards along the way.

Unity Ceremony: Changing Your Job

For those interested in how to change a unit’s job, the camp is also where the Unity Ceremony takes place, where units can be promoted to higher rank jobs or relocated to similar/lower rank ones for the first time. However, the Unity Ceremony is a momentous occasion and does not happen at every camp. It’s important to attend the Unity Ceremony to make these crucial decisions for your army whenever it is available.

The Unity Ceremony is only required for the first time a unit wants to change to a job that they haven’t been before. After they’ve changed to this job at least once, they can freely job change to it without the need of the Unity Ceremony.

In addition to the Unity Ceremony, characters will need sufficient proficiency mastery with different weapons and armors in order to unlock different jobs.

Facilities: Expanding Your Camp

You’ll find at the start of the game, the camp isn’t very large. By progressing through the story, the camp will automatically expand, and by expanding the camp, you’ll gain more freedom to roam the outpost and unlock new facilities to utilize.

Check back next Tuesday for another feature blog covering the Unit Customization in Lost Eidolons!

Lost Eidolons unit customization preview

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