Updated Release Plan

Greetings Tacticians,

Today, we’re discussing why we’re delaying Lost Eidolons to late Q3 of 2022.

Recently, we published an article that detailed a thorough review of the feedback we received from players during Closed Beta 1. Our goal with this post was to really show folks, “Great! My feedback is actually making a difference!”. You can see some of the big changes we’ve made in just a month’s time in our latest dev stream from last Tuesday.

Our previous estimated timeline was Q4 2021 Closed Beta and Early Access by Q1 2022. While we did meet our planned beta date, what we learned from it was that we were still too ambitious, aiming for a Q1 2022 Early Access. It’s not ideal for those who’ve been anticipating the game, but an additional delay so that Lost Eidolons can meet everyone’s expectations is far more important to us than rushing a release.

This is our first project as a budding new game studio. We want to do it right and to the best of our ability. Closed Beta 1 came with a lot of positive feedback, but it also revealed several shortcomings that must be addressed.

As such, the new plan for release is as follows:

  • There will be two more beta tests. They will be for both PC and Xbox, and will be a further demonstration of just how much we’re leveraging your ideas and feedback to polish Lost Eidolons. The first one in Q2 of 2022 won’t have additional chapters to try out, but will instead feature a host of improvements across the board to what you may have seen in the first Closed Beta. The second one in Q3 of 2022 will introduce additional chapters and content, but not everything so that testers have more to look forward to when the game comes out.
  • On the subject of release, we’re currently estimating late Q3 of 2022. This will no longer be an Early Access launch, rather a full launch with all the content that was planned, available from day one. We believe Lost Eidolons should be enjoyed as a full, beginning-to-end experience. Pairing that with the schedule delay led us to this decision.

We’re going to allocate more of our time and resources towards making a game that our community can be proud of supporting and enjoy playing. A well-told story, masterful tactical turn-based gameplay, and an engaging unit management system are the three creative pillars that we want to nail properly. We’ll continue to keep you all informed on our progress, as we have already been doing by sharing new updates via both the dev streams as well as new articles each month, so that folks can digest new information in both video and text format.

Thank you for understanding why we’re doing this. If you have any questions about the new development timeline or any of the recent updates, please join our Discord or Tweet at us. Our staff is always available to chat!

The ODS Team

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