Lost Eidolons CBT2 Patch Notes

* Updated on 4/27/2022: Information on version beta2.22w18.04.R176 added.

A Note From Ocean Drive Studio

Tactician, we are deeply grateful for your being part of this beta. This time, it is even more exciting, as Lost Eidolons beta will be on Xbox Series X/S consoles as well.
As the nature of the beta, you may find some rough edges–bugs, glitches, unbalanced mechanics, placeholders, etc. This may be especially the case on the Xbox platform, as this is our first public build on it.
Please provide your feedback and report issues on our Feature Upvote board or our Discord server. Your feedback is what shaped a lot of things in this beta, and will be what shapes the game to come in the future.

– ODS Team

Improvements from CBT1 on Steam

In October 2021, a playable build for Lost Eidolons was revealed through the first closed beta (CBT1). Ocean Drive Studio team was able to evaluate the game from multiple aspects, with players sharing much valuable feedback during the beta.
We have been working hard to make the game more enjoyable by reviewing and making changes based on the feedback from players and from within the team.
In CBT2, we made improvements to what could have been better from CBT1. We hope this beta is an opportunity for players to see how far Lost Eidolons has come.

Combat Improvements from CBT1
  • Implemented some of the feedback we received from Steam Next demo and CBT1
  • Added various triggers for in-battle events for each chapter
  • Improved presentation (camera, animation, etc.) and sound effects for attacking/taking hits in combat
  • Improved combat UI/UX
  • Improved combat controls/system

Details can be found under the relevant section under Content Changelog.

Camp Improvements from CBT1
  • Implemented some feedback from Steam Next demo and CBT1
  • Improved quest stories in the camp
  • Improved camp content/system
  • Improved presentation (camera, animation, etc.) and sound effects for each camp content
  • Improved camp UI/UX

Details can be found under the relevant section under Content Changelog.

Cutscene Improvements from CBT1
  • Added opening cinematics
  • Changed the previous 3D character cutscenes into dialogue format cutscenes
    • Implemented camera and animation improvements
  • Applied voice-over and improved sound effects to cutscenes
CBT2 Content
Added Opening Videos

Added opening videos and tutorial battle that give you an inkling about the lore and relationship among characters.

  • Animated illustrations
  • Opening cinematic
  • Opening battle (includes tutorial for basic controls)
  • Cinematic for Eden’s escape

Chapter 1: Mercenaries of Lonetta

Contains 5 cutscenes and teaches the player basics of the system menu and turn-based combat system.

Chapter 2: Trouble Calls

Contains 4 cutscenes and teaches the player about ranged combat, guards and critical hits, zone of control, utilizing items, undoing actions, and displaying risk range.

Chapter 3: Breakout

Contains 10 cutscenes and teaches the player about spells, weapons and weaknesses, swapping weapons mid-combat, turn limits, and item drops. Additionally introduces the camp outgame system, instructing players the basics of interaction with allies, rapport, quests, and Spells/Map UI.

Chapter 4: Break of Dawn

Contains 1 cutscene and teaches the player about battle preparation and fighting monsters. Camp section introduces merchants and Advancement Ceremony.

Chapter 5: The Proving Grounds

Contains 6 cutscenes and teaches the player about context actions, combat skills, tile effects, treasure chests, and special enemy mechanics.

Chapter 6: Murder of Crows

Contains 5 cutscenes and teaches the player about poison effects and charged attacks.

Chapter 7: Thorned Rose

Contains 4 cutscenes.

Chapter 8: Slumbering Bear

Contains 5 cutscenes.

New Features and Systems

Since the Steam Next demo and CBT1, we’ve added:

  • Gamepad support in CBT2
Content Changelog
  • Improved combat animation
    • Improved the animation speed-up feature for allies/enemies
    • Added the animation speed-up setting
    • Added the animation skip setting
  • Made in-battle events more varied
    • Added/improved in-battle events for each episode
  • Combat system
    • Added tutorial information, as well as weapon/armor affinity information (added tooltip/icon information)
    • Implemented real-time display of enemies you can take hit from in battle
    • Added indication for units that can take action/already took action in battle
    • Added attack range display for the ballista placed on the battlefield
    • Added the More Info feature for enemies/allies (select a target unit and press Left Shift)
    • Added terrain tutorial, as well as effect description of each terrain on UI
  • Implemented additional in-game combat controls/settings
    • Improved controls so that you can directly attack a target within your movable range
    • Improved the placement of the Ram Gate command (if it is available as an attack, it will be placed at the top of the list)
    • Added the Restart menu to restart the battle
    • Added the Manage menu (allows for making changes to characters before battle)
    • Added the Return to Title menu
    • Improved/added hotkey features
      • Can be set under Settings – Controls
  • Improved UI
    • Added ally units’ experience bar in battle
    • Improved indicator for weapon equipped by the character (can be checked when swapping to secondary weapon)
    • Changed portraits to match the attire of the unit
    • Improved information notation in the More Info window
Gameplay & Balance
  • Implemented normal and hard difficulties
  • Improved/added story for camp quest and regular dialogue
    • Main/side quest dialogue
    • Character interaction dialogue
  • Improved Advancement Ceremony presentation and information display
    • Added overall class information table
    • Added detailed information at the time of class unlock presentation
  • Applied improvements to the training content within camp
    • Improved the real-time training (sparring) system
    • Implemented training plan content for growth
  • Implemented the per-skill details and range display UI under the Skills menu
  • Added icons for characters you can talk to in the camp
  • Improved the character menu UI/UX in camp
    • Improved Advancement Ceremony UI and presentation
    • Codex System
    • Improved the Leadership system
      • Reputation board
        • Complete the quests provided through in-game activities or combat to receive rewards for each reputation stage
          • In-game currency, accessory equipment, or consumable items
    • Improved the UI for Characters, Equipment, Class, Skills, Grimoires, Storage, Journal, and Camp Map menus
    • Added the Codex, Rapport, and Conversation Log menus
Class Advancement
  • Added an information window where you can check all information on classes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues reported in CBT1
Known Issues
General Features
  • Applied localization for multiple languages
    • Some text may be untranslated for the supported languages
    • There may areas where the UI sizing is not optimized for each language
  • Issue where a lingering image remains on the screen during screen loadings, when you transition from a cutscene to a battle and vice versa
  • Please be advised that cutscenes are still under development (polishing)
    • Cutscenes have been changed to dialogue format
    • Some awkward character animations remain. These will be continuously improved until launch
    • Characters’ gaze, expression, and lip sync improvements are continuously in progress
  • When using fast travel through the Camp Map menu, an intermittent error may occur where it triggers in place, instead of moving to the character you selected
  • Some awkward character animations remain. They are continuously being improved/fixed
  • Issue where a character is obstructed by another character during Advancement Ceremony
  • A brief camera issue occurs during the presentation of sending troops through the Taskmaster at the camp
  • (Added with beta2.22w18.04.R176) An issue where 3 characters ineligible for building rapport (3 merchants) show under the Rapport menu in camp
  • In dialogue, there are cases where some soldiers do not have lip flaps implemented. These will be addressed before launch.
  • Some awkward monster animations remain. These are under improvement work
  • Cases of some terrain being obstructed in combat remain. These are under improvement work
  • There is an issue where the graphics quality drops for the combat background in chapter 2 and chapter 7 (trees, grass, etc.)
    • We are working on combat background asset and lighting optimization to address this
    • We are working on character lighting optimization to address this
    • (Addressed in beta2.22w18.04.R176) Implemented the optimization for combat background, character lighting, etc. in chapter 2 and chapter 7

Please note that there may be other errors that have not yet been identified.

In Development
  • Animation for monsters that appear in battle
  • Saving during battle
    • Saving gameplay during battle is currently under development
    • For now, the game auto-saves at the start of the battle
  • We are developing a feature that automatically equips skills that are learned as the character levels up
Supported Languages
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Korean
Localization Bug fixes
  • Voice-over applied
    • Camp only has VO for the main quest line and it’s as intended
  • Various text related bugs reported during CBT1 resolved
Localization Known Issues
  • Loading text display in English for other languages
  • Some menu items display in English for other languages
  • Some UI has text cut off in all languages
  • Some UI texts have overlapping text in all languages
  • Some icons for keyboard shortcuts display in English in other languages
  • Some text place holders (-no-value-) displayed in all languages
  • Some characters’ lips are not synced to dialogue
  • Discoverable items, “Documents” do not appear in the inventory at the current time
  • Different Keyboard layout for other languages are not yet supported
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