Lost Eidolons CBT2 Xbox Hot Fix Patch Notes (4/29/2022)


We are releasing beta2.22w18.04.r35.f8e72465 on Xbox to apply the following fixes.

  • FIXED: Game does not save.
    • Game now saves and loads your progression so you can pick up where you left off.
  • FIXED: Display is dark and red.
    • On Xbox Series X/S, the game appeared very red and dark with HDR on.
      This has been fixed to display normal color even with HDR on.
  • FIXED: Voice-over is missing.
    • All intended voices have been added.
      Side quests in Camp, are supposed to be without voice-over. Only main quests have voices at this time.
  • FIXED: First battle crashes on Xbox Series S.
    • You should be able to progress through the first battle.
Known Issues

We will work on these for our next flight and ask for your understanding for being unable to address in this beta.

  • Crashes in chapter 1 on Xbox One, Xbox One S.
  • Screen may sometimes blackout and freeze when your unit levels up after skipping a battle cutscene.
  • Game may crash upon pressing Quit.

Our sincerest apologies for the difficulties. We hope to bring you a much better game in our next flight and thank you for participating in this beta.

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