Lost Eidolons Is Coming to Steam Next Fest!

Greetings, Tacticians!

Lost Eidolons will be participating in the upcoming Steam Next Fest June 2022 Edition. What better way is there to get ready for the party than to tell your friends to check out the game you enjoy–especially when it’s immediately available?

It’s time to spread the word to fellow turn-based RPG fans that Lost Eidolons demo is available right now! Also, feel free to take this opportunity to try out different strategies and set-ups from what you used in CB2 in order to exercise your tactical mind.

Below is the full schedule for Lost Eidolons demo access:

  • PDT: June 9th 9AM – June 20th 10AM
  • EDT: June 9th 12PM – June 20th 1PM
  • GMT: June 9th 4PM – June 20th 5PM
  • KST: June 10th 1AM – June 21st 2AM

The demo build is based on the CB2 version (first 8 chapters of the game), with some minor improvements made. While we are eager to share major changes we are working on, for this demo our focus is on providing a stable gameplay experience for as many players as possible. We will share changes based on CB2 feedback via other channels in the future.

Let’s get geared up for Steam Next Fest together!


The ODS Team

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