Thank You for Joining Lost Eidolons in Steam Next Fest!

Greetings, Tacticians!

We’d like to say a big thank-you for enjoying Steam Next Fest with us! We had a blast as you joined us in various ways–by playing Lost Eidolons demo, watching our streams, giving us feedback, and recommending other notable demos to us!

While Steam Next Fest ends, our efforts continue to make Lost Eidolons better–and we need your help.

If you played our demo but haven’t filled out the survey yet, here is a link to do so! The survey will remain open until June 26th, but it’s always good to finish it earlier while your memory is fresh. Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving the game, especially as we make continuous improvements for release later this year.

For in-depth feedback or suggestions, please share them on our Feature Upvote board or our Discord server.

We’re looking forward to sharing more development updates and news with you in the future, so please stay tuned!

The ODS Team

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