Update on Lost Eidolons for Xbox

Greetings, Tacticians.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support, and we believe that our way of paying back would be staying true to our goal of providing the best Lost Eidolons experience possible.

Based on the learnings from the Xbox closed beta, we identified that we have quite a few areas we need to make improvements in, especially with optimizing and polishing the game. We held multiple internal discussions and came to the conclusion that we needed to make some hard decisions.


One conclusion we reached is that it would be better to delay the Xbox launch to Q1 2023. Closed beta taught us that Lost Eidolons is not yet presentable in the way we intended and requires much more optimization and polish. So we will take a little more time to be able to offer a game you can enjoy and we can be proud of. Our current plan is to release the PC version of Lost Eidolons first and launch on Xbox in Q1 of 2023. Once we have a firmer date, we will make sure we share it with you.


As we shared earlier in our development update, Lost Eidolons will only support Xbox Series X|S consoles. While our initial plan was to include the Xbox One family consoles, we concluded that we won’t be able to optimize enough to present our Xbox One players the seamless experience we want for all our players. 

We sincerely hope that this message comes as a sign of our commitment to our goal of delivering the best gameplay experience we can provide, on each platform you find Eden and his band on.

Even though the Xbox launch is delayed, our work to deliver the best game we can continues.

You can find the latest development in our July 2022 Dev Chat stream.

We greatly appreciate your patience and continued support for Lost Eidolons and Ocean Drive Studio. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in our Discord server.

The ODS Team

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