Blackout Protocol Revealed!

Greetings, Agents.

You may remember we mentioned more projects in our 2020-in-review post. Today, we officially reveal Ocean Drive Studio’s second project: Blackout Protocol.

Blackout Protocol is a 3-player co-op twin stick shooter with roguelite elements. It is set in a remote containment facility that went dark after an internal breach. Agents have been deployed to the location, in order to seal away things that threaten the very existence of mankind.

A GIF can be worth a thousand pictures.

If you want to find out more about the game and see some awesome screenshots, check out Blackout Protocol’s brand new Steam store page! Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist so that you are notified when you actually get to play the game.

We bring the same development approach we took for Lost Eidolons to Blackout Protocol–Ocean Drive Studio sets the core vision for the game, and the community brings feedback which we can build the game upon. For Blackout Protocol, we concluded that Early Access would be the best way to shape the game together with the community. As co-op multiplayer is at the core of the gameplay, we want to have the feedback loop integrated into the early stages of creating the best gameplay experience. You can expect to hear regular updates on development progress in various forms, and have a direct communication channel through our Discord server.

Also, if you plan to be at PAX West this year, stop by booth #339 to play Blackout Protocol demo! If you decide to take on a challenge, we may have just the right reward for you…

In case the GIF absolutely fascinated you, a quick recap!

– The ODS Team

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