Update on Collector’s Edition Production

Greetings, Tacticians.

With the PC launch of Lost Eidolons on October 13 upon us, we bring you an interim update on the collector’s edition today.

Collector’s Edition Schedule

The global supply chain issues led to unforeseen delays in production. We are still in talks with the manufacturer of the physical edition to secure a concrete schedule. What we can share at the moment is that the collector’s edition of Lost Eidolons will be delayed by several months and we are now looking at delivery in mid-2023.

The design work is completed, but it has been extremely difficult to secure the schedule for the actual print production. Please note that this delay only affects the delivery of the physical copy and not the digital copy. If you ordered the collector’s edition, you will get the digital version of the game upon release (no time lost!), and the physical copy later.

Collector’s Edition Preview

Since the design of the artbook and the vinyl are done, we were able to share some snippets during our last dev chat stream. In case you missed it, here are some images to give you a sense of how the extra content would look like when you actually get it in your hands.

Design for the vinyl, sporting awesome artwork inside and out!

Illustrations used in the very opening sequence of the game,
telling you the tale of the iron-fisted emperor Ludivictus

Familiar faces to those who played through our beta and demo,
as well as definite proof that there are dogs(?) and cats(?) in Artemesia

We know this delay in production may come as a disappointment and we are very sorry to have to deliver the news. We are continually discussing with stakeholders to get the issues resolved and secure a concrete schedule as quickly as possible. This delay is also costing us more as the cost to print is rising all around the world. We promise to provide you with further updates as we get more details confirmed.

Once again, please note that this will not delay your access to the game or the digital assets (artbook and OST). It will only delay the delivery of the physical package containing the LP vinyl.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Kickstarter DM or our Discord server. We thank you for your continued support for Lost Eidolons and Ocean Drive Studio!

The ODS Team

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