Closed Beta Now Open


The time has come. Gear up and steel yourself to enter Section 13. CLOSED BETA IS NOW LIVE for 4 days.

CB Schedule
  • PST: 2 PM, Jan 12 – 2 PM, Jan 16
  • EST: 5 PM, Jan 12 – 5 PM, Jan 16
  • CET: 11 PM, Jan 12 – 11 PM, Jan 16
  • KST: 7 AM, Jan 13 – 7 AM, Jan 17
  • ICT: 5 AM, Jan 13 – 5 AM, Jan 17

Signup for the beta will remain open throughout the above time, so encourage your friends to click on “Request Access” on our Steam Page and join the ranks of our brave agents.

Our Mission 
  • Confirm the game is stable enough to provide smooth game sessions 
  • Confirm the core shooting and roguelite elements of the game are fun 
Your Assignments
  • Play Blackout Protocol
  • Participate in the survey HERE
  • Leave your feedback and vote for others’ feedback HERE
  • Join Discord and discuss everything and anything Blackout Protocol with fellow agents HERE
Current State of the Build

As this is a beta test, only some of the planned features and contents are in. A few notable things missing from the game are as below:

  • BGM: We do not have any background music in place yet, this is being worked on
  • Languages: Currently only English and Korean are supported. If you select other languages in the settings you will only see Korean. All languages will be implemented by Early Access
  • Game Balance: Balance is work-in-progress. CB data will be used as a reference point as we work on the balance
  • Content Volume: Rogue-lite Progression Content is not final, nor is the level design. But you should still be able to experience the Rogue-lite progression and general direction of our level design!
Quick Guide

We hope you find the UI intuitive and don’t have issues playing the game, but please see the quick guide below on navigating the main menu.

  • Overall navigation: Use arrows and/or WASD keys and press “Enter” to select
  • Quick Start: Join a random room or it will create a room for others to join
  • Lobby: Find another agent’s room or create your own – The room is named after the host’s name
  • Open Play Test Survey: Take the survey on the web form. Your feedback is appreciated!
  • Open Feature Upvote: Leave your suggestion, feedback, or report bugs on the board
  • Settings: You can change video, controls, audio, and language settings
Known Issues
  • In rare cases, some data on the results page may be inaccurate if the session ends in a fail
  • The “Eliminate High-Level Threat” mission sometimes fails to clear even after the boss is defeated
  • Permanent upgrade to “Extended Clip II” may reset the weapon clip size to the default value  
  • Synaptic Enhancement Issues
    • “Unstable Parts” does not reduce mental gauge as noted in the description
    • “Shadow Stroll” I and II do not damage/recover as noted in the description
    • “Fright Response” sometimes does not deal psychic damage per the description if the creature is within 5m.
    • “ESP” works within the map level it was acquired in, but the effect is not carried over to the following level as it should.
    • “Slow Burn” does not work with the flamethrower
    • An incorrect Credit amount is given after upgrading to “Expense Report II”

Thank you for your participation and see you in-game.
Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. You know THEY will.

Watch to learn a little about the creatures and more.

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