Lost Eidolons v1.5 Patch Notes (01/30/2023)

[EDIT on 2/1/2023 – Corrected wording to accurately convey that epilogues have been added to all endings instead of just one]


Greetings, Tacticians.

We hope you enjoyed the GM1.4 patch from last December. Today, we are releasing version GM1.5.00.R15 to apply the following fixes and improvements.

The patch will be live at:

  • 3 PM PST, January 30, 2023
  • 6 PM EST, January 30, 2023
  • 12 AM CET, January 31, 2023
  • 8 AM KST, January 31, 2023

Please note that if you are playing at this time, your game will not be interrupted. You will be prompted to download the patch the next time you open Lost Eidolons.

Now, here’s a word about this patch from Jin Sang Kim, the Creative Director of Lost Eidolons.


Hello everyone,

It’s already been a full month since we’ve entered the new year.

In this patch, we added finishing touches to make the game feel more polished overall. We had quite a few Tacticians who wanted more from the game’s ending. Taking in that feedback, we made improvements: we added more detail to the ending, as well as epilogues for each character so that Tacticians can learn more about what came after the plight for their favorites.

Another area we received a lot of feedback on was the final battle’s balance, so we added some in-battle events that can help ease the difficulty. The optional battle improvements we’ve mentioned previously also comes in this patch. In order to address feedback about repeating the same battle, we made adjustments so that each optional battle can be a bit more interesting. Last but not least, we fixed various bugs that our community reported, to make Lost Eidolons more polished than ever!

– Jin Sang


Patch Notes
Community-Requested Fixes and Improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed the continuity issue in the quest dialogue for recruiting one of the recruitable units in Ch. 18
  • Fixed the animation issues during rapport conversation with Robere
  • Fixed the camera issues that occurred during camp interactions (issues with character locations, camera perspectives, character gazes, etc.)
  • Fixed the issue where Albrecht’s starting class was set to Commoner
  • Fixed the issue where key input for skipping/speeding up animation did not work, if the turn ended as you opened a treasure chest in battle
  • Fixed the issue where the cursor would be placed in the corner of the screen, if you navigated the battlefield right after resuming a battle
  • Fixed the issue where the effect of Marchelle’s passive skill, “Warmhearted”, was not being applied
  • Fixed the issue where there was an odd visual effect showing in the Formation screen for Ch. 13 optional battle
  • Fixed the issue where you would skip directly to camp, if you mashed the A button on the controller in the battle victory screen
  • Fixed the issue where your unit showed disproportionately small when ramming gates
  • Fixed the issue where, if you selected Balastar (in a certain state) in Ch. 27 battle as target for Divine Blow skill, the skill’s area of effect displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed the issue where, when playing on Maniac Mode, characters who suffered “permanent death” did not show their rapport endings
Other Changes and Improvements
  • Added a tutorial for when you receive prestige rewards, about using the Village Reward item to get its contents
  • Added the Help menu to the list of menus that display when you press Esc during combat
  • Added the option to show/hide Aides in the Formation UI
  • Added UI to indicate saving is in progress when saving mid-battle
  • Improved categorization of characters under the Rapport UI
  • Improved controls for camera zoom-in/-out
  • Improved the Battling Bosses tutorial text
  • Improved the camera panning speed in camp and in grid view during battle
  • Improved the sorting order for items under the camp’s Gift Items UI
  • Improved the visual effects for the Ice Wall skill
  • Reduced the time it takes to start/end interaction dialogues

Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix issues and provide more improvements per your suggestions.

– The ODS Team

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