Lost Eidolons Xbox Release Update

Greetings Tacticians,

It’s been a while since you heard us talk about the Xbox version of Lost Eidolons, so we thought it high time we give you an update.

Though we had only officially announced Xbox, we were always hoping to be on Playstation as well and have been working towards launching on both platforms. Recently, we decided the best course of action would be to partner with a veteran console team so we can launch on both Xbox and Playstation at the same time.

We are still discussing the launch timeline and are unable to inform you when you’d see Lost Eidolons on your favorite console as of this moment. But we will be able to give more information next month.

We know you’ve been waiting a while for the Xbox release, especially our Kickstarter backers.

We are grateful and truly appreciate your patience which is allowing us to attempt the best console launch possible. 

-ODS Team

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