Sneak Peek at Character Selection and More


On this last day of February, I wanted to give you a peek at how we spent the shortest month of the year. As you probably know, we are making FTUE improvements per the feedback we’ve received from our first closed beta. (CLICK HERE if you haven’t read about that. This blog will make much more sense after reading that.)

While it’s still rough, I’m excited to share a visual with you to illustrate how we’re making the change. And here it is, the work-in-progress version of what you see when you launch the game.

The menu options are listed on the lower left corner, similar to what you saw during CB1, but it’s a completely different look and suggests the personality of each agent.

They all have their own rooms and they’re busily doing something befitting their character. Pardon Scalpel for now, she’ll also be doing something useful and not be just a big blob when we’re done.
You use either your keys or your mouse to move between everyone’s rooms to select the agent you want to play as.
Once you have selected your character, you can go through the door that you see in each of these rooms, which leads you to the S2P Archives.

What is the S2P Archives, you ask? It’s a highly classified area where S2P stores all its data.
And it’s here where you get access to the Armory and the Growth Room mentioned in the previous blog.

There’s one more that wasn’t mentioned before. We’re also adding the Data Terminal that houses information on everything Blackout Protocol for you to read up on: Synaptic Enhancements, the creatures, “the accident,” etc.

This is what we’re thinking:
On the left wall is the Armory where you will see your unlocked guns lined up. In the middle is the Nethersphere where you can check out your growth and use Data Nugs. And on the right wall rests the Data Terminal.

I hope that gives you some insight as to what we’ve been doing. There will be more updates soon, so please do join our Discord and follow our channels for the latest!


Thank you for reading. Until next time!
ODS ThorThor

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