Blackout Protocol CB2 Patch Notes


We’ve got intel that there has been some activity within Section 13 base, making additional investigations a must. This is the chance for our agents to prove what they’re made of. Sign up for and play our second closed beta!

Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback, which help us create a better Blackout Protocol experience for all agents. Please make sure you stay tuned to our Feature Upvote board for leaving feedback, as well as our Discord server for any discussion or updates.

We also have an important note for CB1 participants: in order for us to accurately assess how effective the changes from CB1 are, you will lose all progression data from CB1 when you play CB2.

Before we dive into the details of CB2 changes, we have some notes from our creative director!


Greetings, Agents!

This is Dongsoo, the Creative Director of Blackout Protocol. The biggest improvement we wanted to make since CB1 was adjusting the difficulty during early and mid-game. Based on CB1 results, we concluded that the overall balance had a steep learning curve at the start, while the mid-to-late game was not as challenging as we thought it would be. We thus adjusted the overall difficulty curve. The image below should give you an idea, where the black line is for CB1 and the green line is for CB2.

To go hand-in-hand with the difficulty change above, we made power-ups more tangible by adjusting when agents acquire Synaptic Enhancements during gameplay. We also added new map and creature elements so that agents can notice different variations when playing multiple runs.

Two major changes we made on the out-game side of things: supporting voice chat by default and adding quick communication (pings & quick chats). We deemed it a priority to have communication tools that help agents work closely together. Since this is our first iteration of the quick communication, we’d like to ask for your feedback so that we can make it even better.

We also made improvements to the permanent enhancements–an essential part of any roguelite game. Permanent enhancement elements are now more accessible, and the UX has been improved. Our findings from CB1 indicated that the high early-game difficulty led to some agents quitting before they reached the first safe room, which is where they would have experienced the roguelite progression. We believe the difficulty adjustments in CB2 will alleviate such concerns. We also made the safe room area, as well as the various interactable objects within, more easily recognizable. Additionally, we made it so that agents must spend all permanent enhancement resources before they proceed to the next map. If you find yourself not being able to exit the safe room, please check if you (or your fellow agents) have any unspent Data Nugs or unsubmitted weapon blueprints.

On top of all that, we made a lot of polishes to various elements that hampered a smooth gameplay experience during CB1. While we cannot claim everything is perfect in CB2, we strongly believe you will see how the game continues to improve. We hope you have more fun in CB2, and would like to ask for your feedback to help us keep making more improvements in the future.


Dongsoo Oh


Changes from CB1

We have been working on making additions and improvements from our first closed beta earlier this year. Below is a quick list of changes.

Community-Requested Changes
Roguelite Elements
  • Changed so that agents must use all permanent growth currency (Data Nugs & weapon blueprints) in the safe room to proceed
  • Added 7 new permanent enhancements
  • Adjusted some existing permanent enhancements (examples below)
    • Extended Clip will now apply only to Firearms Department weapons
    • Card Collector will now increase max HP, instead of healing current HP
  • Added a tiered unlock system for permanent enhancements, based on the number of Data Nugs spent
  • Revamped the character selection screen with updated character looks

  • Made improvements to the results screen
    • Added effects and lore elements to enhance immersion
    • Added visual cues that indicate if an agent has the highest output in a certain category (e.g., physical damage)
    • Added an indicator for overall map progression for the run

  • Added level art and information in the loading screens
  • Made improvements to the HUD
    • Remaining ammo in the current clip is better visible
    • When the current clip is empty, it is more noticeable with a flashing “0”
  • Added UI to indicate agents entered the safe room
  • Added the feature to invite Steam friends
  • Added a reset at the very start of the run, when agents are entering the front gate of facility into the parking lot
    • This was because we saw some agents, after experimenting upon choosing their weapons, sustained heavy injury damage and spent all ammo before even starting the mission
  • Added variations to 4 of the creatures
  • Added variations to maps
    • Some of the map variations will unlock based on the agent’s permanent progressions
  • Adjusted how the injury mechanics works
    • Initial injury amount has been reduced
    • Now the longer an agent stays downed, the more injury penalty they will sustain
  • Added background music
  • Added various sound effects (flashlight, results screen, combat, etc.)
  • Added visual and sound effects to indicate when active skills are off cooldown
  • Added small talk between agent characters

CB2 Known Issues

We will update this section as we get more information.

  • You may encounter unlocalized text when joining through Steam friend invite
  • If you press the Esc key at the same time as interacting with a Nethercube, you will not be able to select a Synaptic Enhancement
  • Effects of the Shadow Stroll Synaptic Enhancements currently apply even when the agent is not in the dark
  • Effects of the Shadow Stroll Synaptic Enhancements do not apply on Beaker’s active ability
  • Effects of the Slow Burn Synaptic Enhancement is not properly applied
  • Effects of the Expense Report II Synaptic Enhancement is not properly applied
  • Effects of the Unstable Parts Synaptic Enhancement is not properly applied when using the Arc Cannon
  • When picking up a weapon, it shows the remaining ammo count of the previous weapon while the actual clip is empty upon pickup
  • When using Quick Start, if a room fills up, you will see the loading screen but be booted out to the title
  • If you are revived while spectating, your camera may reflect the vision of the character you were spectating (e.g., panicked vision)
  • The Arc Cannon attack can arc through a wall
  • Turning speed while equipped with some weapons can sometimes be faster than intended
  • If a teammate has fallen to death, there may be cases where the body is not teleported to a location allowing revival (Reported on Feature Upvote) – Fixed with hotfix on April 7

The ODS Team

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