Wrapping Up PAX East 2023

Hello everyone!

After our time at PAX West 2022 where we announced the official release date of Lost Eidolons and announced Blackout Protocol, we just couldn’t wait to meet all of you in person again. So we did it: we went to PAX East 2023!

To everyone that stopped by our booth to demo our games (sometimes both!), we appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to stand in line to check out our game. 

We were able to offer 6 dedicated stations for Blackout Protocol, with additional 3 stations for the press for Blackout Protocol.

For Lost Eidolons, we brought our working Xbox version to show off the game, next to our finished PC and Steam Deck game.

PAX goers demoing Blackout Protocol

People watching our Tacticians play Lost Eidolons


During the event, 600 Blackout Protocol bags stuffed with a BP pin and coaster were given upon playing a session of 15 minutes and completing a super quick 5-question survey. Our line got so long that we had to shorten each session to 10 minutes and exhausted the supply by day 3. Nevertheless, day 4 attendees happily lined up, played the game, and had fun, for which we were very grateful.

We had plenty of our friends from the media come by to play the demo for Blackout Protocol and talk to our Creative Director Dong Soo Oh and Production Director Jae Eun Park. Our Creative Director for Lost Eidolons, Jin Sang Kim, also joined us at PAX East to answer any questions and meet fellow gamers. We were also honored to have some familiar faces stop by, like Brittany Cox (voice of Marchelle), Chel0ra, and Platinum Queen (whom we met at PAX West)!

At the end of PAX East, we were physically exhausted but mentally re-energized thanks to meeting old and new friends that enjoyed our games as much as we do. And then it happened–the event that put the cherry on top of our already heavily iced cake–Blackout Protocol won Best in Show award from Critrate for the house of Galabander. According to their categorization of gamers, Galabanders are gamers who enjoy multi-players and “thrive when playing with others,” so pretty much our target players for the game!

Galabander’s Choice! Game of the Show award

Critrate announcing the award

We’re now heading into CB2 for Blackout Protocol, which comes out this week on April 6th and hope that we can have even more players try out our game! And here’s to crossing our fingers for our Lost Eidolons Xbox/PlayStation release date. We can’t wait to see what else 2023 has in store for us: more updates, news, and future cons.

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Until next time,

ODS Kangaroo

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