S2P Intel Report #3: Early Access Pricing Announcement

Hello future agents!

I am Jungsoo Lee, CEO of Ocean Drive Games (publishing arm of Ocean Drive Studio). Today, I would like to discuss the price point we decided for Blackout Protocol, and especially why.

As a game development studio, we understand lots of players’ concerns around Early Access games. For us, the major reason why we are doing Early Access is to ensure we get the right feedback from the core audience for the genre to ensure we are heading in the right direction. And as revenue is not the primary reason for entering Early Access, we wanted Early Access price to reflect our core belief that we are in partnership with our players.

We believe everyone joining the Early Access version is contributing to the development of the game, and thus decided to offer a much lower price for the Early Access to compensate for the effort helping us develop the game.

The game will be priced at 12.99 USD (with Regional Pricing), and for the first week – we will be providing an additional 25% off as an introductory offer, which will make the game 9.75 USD for the first week of release.

We can only wish we had something like this vending machine, giving stuff out for free

We haven’t finalized the Official Launch price, but it will be around 19.99. Please take the lower price point during Early Access as a token of appreciation for the players joining Early Access to help us shape the game in the right direction.

We will be sharing our longer-term plan, and how we are thinking of preparing an official release with “Future Roadmap Announcement” right before the Early Access. We will also be communicating how we are taking feedback and what we are working on, on a regular basis to ensure the community is up-to-date with our plan.

As always, thank you so much for the support, and hope to see you in the game, and please join our social channels to tell us what you think.

Jungsoo Lee

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