Blackout Protocol PAX West 2023 Wrap Up


This was our first in-person event since we released Early Access and we couldn’t wait to meet more of you and have more of you try out the game!

Since we had just added a Rogue (solo) mode right before PAX, we asked the Agents to choose whether they wanted to play solo or co-op mode! 

There were quite a few Agents that came back with their friends to play co-op together, and we appreciated that very much.

We had 6 stations available just for Blackout Protocol and even opened up our media computers when we had a long line of Agents eagerly waiting to play. All Agents that played got a hard-hat shaped stress ball, to release the stress of PAX and game demos.

We had a lot of Agents tell us how much they enjoyed the game and even had some Agents give great feedback regarding how the game could be improved. Our Creative Director, Dongsoo, flew in from South Korea to answer any questions and get feedback from players first-hand!

As we’ve been letting everyone know, the game is still in Early Access, which means your suggestions and feedback could change a lot about the game. We just pushed out a new patch with a new difficulty mode after taking feedback from PAX and our community regarding difficulty. Make sure you update the game to try that out!

That’s all the news we had from PAX West this year. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! Stay tuned for more news on Blackout Protocol, as we’re introducing our next big patch with passive skills and more next week!

Until we see you again in person, see ya’ll in Section 13!

ODS Kangaroo

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