0.12.0 Agents Power Up Patch Notes

Patch Schedule
  • PDT: 10:00 AM, September 21
  • EDT: 1:00 PM, September 21
  • CEST: 7:00 PM, September 21
  • ICT: 12:00 AM, September 22
  • KST: 2:00 AM, September 22


We are deploying a major patch (Ver. 0.12.0) to implement new content, as well as changes and improvements, to the game. Some additional changes like melee weapons are still in the works, and will come soon in another update! As we continue to go through the list of suggestions and issues, we will be deploying hotfixes and patches frequently until we can ensure Agents can all comfortably enjoy the game.

We also have a dev log from Dongsoo Oh, the creative director for Blackout Protocol, discussing some changes made in 0.12.0. Please take a look at it if you want to learn more about how your feedback is helping us shape the game!

For the list of changes in this patch, please see below.

Passive Abilities
  • Added Latent Abilities–passives that differentiate each agent character
    • In this patch, we added 3 passives for each character. We hope to add more in the future
    • To change passives for your character, you must find the dimensional mirror, which is located in the Director’s Office on the Office level. Through the mirror, you can choose to change the passive of your current character, which will remain until the next time you switch passives
    • Each character’s passives are as below
      • Boy Scout
        • [Default] Fitness Regimen: Grants additional HP
        • Tactical Retreat: When using your active ability, you also drop a hologram decoy and dodge backwards
        • Will to Survive: Increases healing when you’re below a certain HP % threshold’
      • Red
        • [Default] Speedloader: Grants faster reload speed
        • Quantum Shadow: Firing weapons within your active ability duration creates a doppelgangers to fire as well
        • Multitasker: When firing weapons that deal physical damage, you also inflict psionic damage
      • Scalpel
        • [Default] Psyops Training: Grants additional psionic damage with weapons and abilities
        • Subatomic Slice: Enemies killed with your active skill explode upon death and inflicts psionic damage
        • Void Pact: Grants firing rate and movement speed bonus while in Astral state. Grants Astral state upon reaching a certain HP threshold, but you will lose Max HP over time
      • Beaker
        • [Default] College Gymnastics: Grants faster dodge roll recovery
        • Boom Juice: When fellow Agents you revive are downed again, they explode and deal physical damage to an area
        • Optimist: Reduces active ability cooldown. Also reduces incoming damage for yourself and allies, if there is one or more allies within a certain radius
    • Passive skill information can be found in various locations in the UI, including the title screen, the Lobby screen, and the Inventory screen
    • Passive skill information can also be found at the telephone booth, where you can change your character or invite friends
Synaptic Enhancement Additions/Changes
  • Added new Synaptic Enhancements
    • Adrenaline Boost: Recovers HP when you enter Panic state
    • Meticulous: Recovers HP when you pick up an ammo box
    • Overpowering: Grants a physical damage boost when over a certain current HP threshold
    • Security: Grants a psionic damage boost when you are over a certain Max HP threshold
    • Defense Mechanism: When your HP falls to a certain threshold, you recover some HP but lose Max HP
    • Vengeance I & II: Taking damage gives you a temporary physical/psionic damage boost
    • Prescription: Increases the effectiveness of recovery items
    • Refund: Grants you Credits based on HP recovery beyond your Max HP
    • Budget Killer: Firing physical damage weapons cost Credits but gets a damage boost
    • Reflexes: Increases to your movement speed also boosts your physical damage
    • Runner’s High: Grants a temporary movement speed boost after rolling
  • Adjusted existing Synaptic Enhancements
    • Bloodshot: Lowered the per-stack damage increase (damage boost cap remains the same)
    • Lone Shooter I & II: Changed the condition from “while there are no enemies within” a certain radius to “against enemies more than” a certain distance away
    • Quickload: Lowered the grade from Platinum to Gold
    • Snowball Effect: Split into 2 tiers (I & II)
    • Surprise Attack I & II: Changed the condition from “against targets not currently engaged in combat” to “against enemies not currently targeting you”
    • Fright Response: Adjusted the psionic damage boost per each enemy within range, and split into 2 tiers (I & II)
    • Intense Fear I & II: Added the perk of reduced vision impairment while in Panic state
    • Meditation I & II: Adjusted the grades
    • Shadow Stroll I & II: Adjusted the effectiveness bonus, as well as some wording
    • Unstable Parts: Split into 2 tiers (I & II)
    • Coupon Clipper: Adjusted the grade
    • Expense Report I & II: Increased the Credit gain boost
    • Throw I & II: Increased the tactical gear damage boost
    • Cardiac Stimulants: Increased the ally revival speed boost
    • Light Tread: Changed the effect from “Your movement doesn’t make noise” to weapons dealing additional physical/psionic damage “to foes when attacking from behind”
    • Forbidden Number: Increased the duration of the Astral state
    • Slow Burn: Changed the effect from burn duration increase to burn damage increase
    • Forced Evolution: Changed the HP recovery from a flat amount to %, as well as increased the duration of the Astral state
    • Marked Recovery: Adjusted the healing to be in % instead of a flat amount. Also added the perk of capping injury damage to 50% of Max HP
    • Hard Body I & II: Adjusted the HP increase from % to a flat amount
    • Soul Harvest: Adjusted the HP increase per stack from a flat amount to %
    • Resilience I & II: Changed the condition from all the time to for a set duration after taking a hit from an enemy
  • Adjusted general wording for many Synaptic Enhancement descriptions for added clarity
Community-Requested Changes and Fixes
  • Addressed the issue of being unable to complete the Office level, if a non-host player holding the access key leaves. The key will now drop instead of disappearing
  • Addressed the issue where there would be less vertical FOV than in 16:9 monitors on ultrawide monitors
  • Added a slightly longer wait time at party-wipe if any of the Agents have self-revive
  • Synaptic Enhancement selection will no longer have a timer while playing in solo mode
    • Please note that the game is NOT paused, so make sure you’re safe!
  • Changed so that credits are now obtained by all agents in the team, instead of the one who last-hits
    • Please note that we may adjust the amount of credits earned per Agent in the future, after monitoring balance
  • Fanning the hammer for the Revolver is back. We fixed the bug, and added it back into the list of weapon perks
  • Added numerical values for HP and Panic Gauge in the Inventory’s General tab
  • Added a feature that allows skipping various cutscenes, animations, or visuals
    • Character selection can now be partially skipped
    • Results screen can now be partially skipped
    • Weapon blueprint unlock screen can now be skipped
  • Improved first-time gameplay experience
    • When restarting after the tutorial, Agents will now start a solo mode normal difficulty run instead of going to the title screen
    • Agents can now access the game’s menu within the tutorial by pressing the Esc key
    • Added additional enemies in the tutorial
    • Adjusted when Agents would first encounter elements that require some familiarity with the game (e.g., Crawlers) in their gameplay
  • Shortened the corridor entering Section 13 for solo mode
  • Added an in-game UI element that shows the current mode & difficulty in the Esc menu
  • Adjusted balance
    • Adjusted the damage of Psychogen Bombs thrown by QTs
    • Added more consumable and tactical gear drops
    • Adjusted the Credit price of Psychogen Bombs
    • Adjusted some enemy AI to be less aggressive
    • Adjusted spawn locations, timing, and combinations of some enemies
    • Adjusted how UN-X agents react to being panicked
    • Adjusted noise level of suppressed weapons, as well as noise detection level of enemies while they’re asleep
    • Adjusted the timing of some floor tiles disappearing in certain secret room layouts
    • Other various balance adjustments
  • Adjusted the depiction of enemies that are asleep and alerted
  • Added visual effects for being stunned
  • Changed the “access key” in the Office level to an object more fitting and immersive. The console was also updated to a biometric scanner, accordingly
  • Improved UI depiction when the Synaptic Enhancement reroll feature is unlocked and usable in the Nethercube UI for the first time
  • Further polished the Exterminator’s psionic damage-over-time debuff with sound effects
  • Adjusted the location of the save indicator
  • Various optimization and improvement work, including network optimization
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where some Nethercube/consumable drops would spawn in unreachable locations
  • Addressed the issue where damage number values would overlap if different types of damage are inflicted at the same time
  • Fixed the issue where unlocks (weapons & permanent enhancements) would not show properly in the results screen
  • Fixed the issue where the camera could move erratically in the S2P Archives
  • Fixed the issue where, if you unlocked increased magazine size through permanent enhancement, it did not immediately reflect in the UI
  • Fixed the issue where, in rare cases, some enemies did not take damage from the Arc Cannon
  • Fixed the issue where the damage type text spilled outside the UI for the Arc Cannon
  • Fixed the issue where picking up a new weapon briefly showed the previous weapon’s remaining bullet count in the magazine (instead of showing 0)
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when you rolled while firing a weapon
  • Fixed the issue where, if you unlock the additional tactical gear slot, using up your tactical gear would equip you with the slot 1 weapon, instead of the weapon you held before using the tactical gear
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and polishes

Please note that if you are playing at this time, your game will not be interrupted. You will be prompted to download the patch the next time you open Blackout Protocol. It is possible for teammates to play with mismatched game versions, which could potentially impact gameplay. So please install the update as soon as possible for the best experience.


ODS Team

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