Supported Languages, Pricing, and Kickstarter Preview

Greetings everyone!

Today is a smaller blog to inform everyone about two important details revolving around the game, but not necessarily about the game itself. We want to talk about support languages for Lost Eidolons as well as how we plan to price the title.

We had initially stated that Lost Eidolons would support English and Korean text, but have decided to expand the list of supported languages after reviewing interest in our game from around the world. Thus, the supported languages will expand to include:

  • German
  • Russian
  • European Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese

These are the languages that we intend to support by Early Access, however this can expand further if needed later on based on interest from additional regions. Note that these are all supported text languages, and we will still only have English voice acting.

As for pricing, our initial plan is to release Lost Eidolons in Early Access by October of this year, 2021. While in Early Access, the game will not have its full suite of features and only 16 of the 27 planned episodes, and will be in active development with the feedback from our early supporters. Because it will not be the full game at this point, we will lower the price to $29.99, with this cost increasing after full release in early 2022 after the base game is complete. We came up with this price point after estimating the average playtime of the full game expected to take 30-40 hours for a casual playthrough. The temporary lowered price is our way of expressing gratitude to the community for expressing their early faith in our project. Backers on Kickstarter will also be able to get even cheaper digital copies of Lost Eidolons via early bird supporter packages.

The Kickstarter campaign launches this upcoming week on Wednesday, April 21st (time TBA). We have our initial goal of $45,000 which we’re hoping we can achieve as well as stretch goals for great bonus features during Early Access. Please share the project link with your friends so that we may have a fantastic campaign!

Want a sneak peek at the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, including the backer rewards? Check it out here and let us know what you think on Discord:

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