Lost Eidolons is coming to Kickstarter on April 21st!

Lost Eidolons Kickstarter Banner

Greetings everyone!

We’re excited to officially announce that Lost Eidolons will be coming to Kickstarter! You’ll be able to support the project and follow its development closely starting on Wednesday, April 21st next week! You can also bookmark the page now at our project page: http://bit.ly/LostEidolonsKS

For us at Ocean Drive Studio, Kickstarter is another way (in addition to our existing community channels) for us to get to collaborate with our community on creating our game. It will allow us to continue to grow a foundation of supporters who wish to see Lost Eidolons succeed by helping shape the finished product with ideas and feedback. Our goal is a game that players can heartily recommend to their friends, or one that years from now people will fondly recollect (we’re aiming for raving Steam reviews!).

Kickstarter is another opportunity for us to get the word out on our passion project. There may be some skeptics that might also be worried that if the campaign doesn’t succeed, that Lost Eidolons will not be finished. Rest assured, the base game is already fully funded and will be made no matter what, and what we really need is for people to just know that we and our game exist.

To that end, as we mentioned in our announcement blog, we’re leveraging Kickstarter with very modest goals as an additional marketing initiative and also as a means of funding stretch goals for the project.

For our backer options, we’ll be giving fans the option to pick up discounted copies of the game (including multi-packs if you want a copy for a friend as well) as well as a few backer options to permanently etch your legacy within the game itself. As a note, we do not intend to do physical backer rewards due to the difficulty of the logistics surrounding shipping. If there is a huge demand though, this can be subject to change with limited run options.

As for our stretch goals, we have some cool ideas lined up such as Permadeath (units permanently lost on defeat or game over when critical characters are defeated), Hell Mode (enhanced scenario difficulty), and Debug Menu (special game modifiers you can customize on a new playthrough). Should our campaign find moderate success, we can always dream of other neat ideas even beyond this!

Lost Eidolons Stretch Goals

The campaign will run for 30 days supplemented by a slew of frequent updates of the game and its development, granted we will continue to publish regular devblogs long after the campaign has ended too. Additionally, our social milestone goals are ongoing and will be running until the game launches at a later date. We also added Kickstarter goals to it!

Feel free to join us on Discord where we’ll be running our weekly Town Hall segment where fans can ask questions and get answers live after a curated segment. You can also follow us on Twitter for occasional updates there!

We’ve been hard at work on this game for a long time now and we’re gunning for an opportunity to create a stellar new tactical RPG experience for fans to enjoy.

And an additional reminder, Community Manager Pat and Creative Director Jin Sang will be live to answer questions about Lost Eidolons and go over the Kickstarter campaign on our Twitch channel this Thursday at 7 PM PDT (10 PM EDT). You can ask questions in advance in the #town_hall message board on our Discord server.

If you’re only hearing about us and our game for the first time or haven’t checked in recently, here are some cool things that we’ve shared the last few weeks:

Lastly, we’d like to thank you for being interested in our game and sharing the word about it with your friends. Your support for us here at Ocean Drive Studio keeps us blazing forward! Let’s have an awesome campaign!

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