Dev Update: Movement Tiles & Status Icons

Greetings, tacticians!

As we have promised, we’ll be sharing the development progress we make with the community, and we’re starting with the mockups we’ve worked on for the movement tiles & unit status icons.

The idea behind these UI designs is to quickly communicate key strategic information to players in an easy-to-digest interface so that they can seamlessly make informed decisions. These are the final mock-ups for the grid tile design and unit status icons that we’ve been working on, and unless we have other feedback we will begin implementing this design immediately (note: the below are concept and are not yet present in the game build)!

What do you think of them? Any thoughts you want to share? We’d like to hear from you before we finalize the direction and start implementing them into the build!

We’d also like to take this time to invite you all to our studio’s Discord server! One of the main reasons why we’re running a Kickstarter campaign is to build up a community of players who want to voice their opinions about what we’re doing—what they like and what they dislike. Is there something about the status icons that we showed that didn’t sit well with you? It’s your chance to say something about it in the #feedback channel! Based on our experience in game development, our goal is to have a vocal playerbase that gets to develop the game alongside us. If we think our ideas are good, we’ll discuss why we think so and give you context to our decision-making. It’s all part of the open feedback loop we’re seeking to create.
And is there something that you want to know that hasn’t been answered yet about the game? Ask about it in our #town_hall channel, and we’ll take your questions and answer them every Friday in a Q&A format. If it’s something we’ve already answered in the past, we’ll give the answer right away! But it gives us an opportunity to curate a bunch of information at once, as well as gather visual assets to improve understanding.
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