Kickstarter Update: Release Timeline, Physical Copy, and Fulfillment Schedule

Happy Sunday, tacticians!

What a pleasant milestone for our team at ODS to wake up to! We’re now 40% funded and creeping up on the halfway point with 25 days to go. Thank you guys for continuing to support Lost Eidolons and spreading the word about it! 386 of you at the time of writing this post have put your faith in an unknown studio to make something worth your time and money. We’ll do our absolute best to bring you guys the best game that we can make.

Today we’re talking a few campaign-related matters. As you can see by the title, we’re going over the 1) release timeline for Lost Eidolons, 2) potential limited run physical copy of the game, and 3) the fulfillment schedule for your backer rewards. To start, let’s go over the known and future timeline for the project.

  • Lost Eidolons was announced to the public on Friday, March 26th.
  • The Kickstarter campaign began on Wednesday, April 21st.
  • The Kickstarter campaign ends on currently runs until Friday, May 21st.
  • There will be a Windows PC beta testing period sometime between the end of campaign and Early Access, TBA. All backer tiers $25 and up have guaranteed beta access.
  • Early Access is planned to start in October 2021.
  • Early Access will run until Full Launch. During Early Access, we’ll be regularly looking to collect feedback on Lost Eidolons in order to make updates that align with players’ thoughts.
  • Full Launch is planned for Early 2022, however, we’re giving ourselves additional headroom of up to Q4 2022 at the latest.
  • This entirely depends on how successful the project is, and if Lost Eidolons gains a respectable amount of traction we’ll want to spend more time polishing and potentially adding more features, which would require more development time, and could result in us delaying the planned release. We will target to complete by Early 2022 as we mentioned nonetheless.

    Secondly, we wanted to probe the community on what their thoughts were on a limited physical run of the game. We talked with some of our friends and noticed there are many video game enthusiasts out there that prefer to own the physical copy. It would be introduced as an add-on to any existing tier should we pursue this. Included within the physical copy could be other neat ideas (we’re still discussing this, so it’s a work-in-progress). Let us know if you all would be interested in this kind of initiative.

    Lastly, we wanted to go over the fulfillment schedule of backer rewards. Not all rewards can be fulfilled by the start of Early Access and will have to be implemented during the course of it. We want to keep our supporters in the loop, so we’ll share progress updates of their rewards along the way. Please let us know if you have any questions about the fulfillment schedule and we’d be happy to answer!

    As an aside, we’re currently internally discussing potential new backer tiers that supporters can upgrade to as per request from community members who missed out on the packages that had sold out nearly instantly. Should we decide to do this, we’ll let everyone know well ahead of time and drop the new backer tiers in installments so that supporters of every time zone can have equal opportunity to pick them up should they want them.

    Fulfillment Schedule for Each Rewards

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