Weekly Town Hall Notice & Kickstarter Backer Tier Update

It’s the start of another glorious week, and we have a few Kickstarter campaign updates to share with everyone today.


Town Hall Notice

First and foremost the 1st edition of Town Hall is coming later this week. Because the game is in active development and we’ve shared numerous systems, concepts, and features via our campaign page and blog, we wanted to give our community every opportunity they could get to ask the development team questions that they may have. This is where Town Hall comes into play, which is a planned weekly round-up of questions from the community, delivered directly to the Creative Director Jin Sang every Wednesday, and answered in a simple Q&A format the following Friday.

How do you ask questions to the weekly Town Hall? Simply by asking a unique question that has yet to have been asked in a place visible by our staff. This includes Kickstarter comments, Steam comments/discussions, blog comments, Twitter, Facebook, but most effective of all, is our #town_hall channel in the ODS Discord server. Questions asked here are guaranteed to be seen quickly. But if you don’t want to join our Discord, that’s no problem, we’ll definitely try to include your question nonetheless!

It doesn’t have to be limited to questions about Lost Eidolons either. Want to know more about Ocean Drive Studio since we’re brand new? Or questions about the Creative Director and what influences his work flow? What color are the socks we’re wearing today? Ask away!

‘Monarch of the Empire’ Tier Update

We wanted to provide an update on an additional backer tier and the existing Monarch of the Empire tier. Regarding the latter, there were a few backers who requested if it was possible for us to increase the quantity, and after meeting with our dev team we determined that we’ll be able to fulfill this request since the player-named NPCs are spread throughout different episodes.

We will increase the quantity of the ‘Monarch of the Empire’ tier to 30. This will be done by adding a new tier with the same price and rewards.

This will occur on Friday, April 30th later this week. At 9:00 AM PT we will add the ‘Monarch of the Empire (2nd Round)’ tier with a quantity of 10.

NEW: $200 Backer Tier, ‘Outlaw of the Empire’

We’ll also be adding a new backer tier per request as well. Community members wanted more ways to immortalize something about themselves within the game. Being an Outlaw of the Empire confers the following perks:

  • We’ll put your face or icon on a wanted poster on a bulletin board in the camp. You can provide the picture or draw it yourself, and we’ll stylize it on the bill parchment. Your bounty of 200 gold pieces (higher for those who pledged bonus support), as well as a name and reason for being wanted that you provide.
  • Digital Deluxe package of the game on PC or Xbox console, including digital concept art book, OST, and high-res world map.
  • PC beta access during the development phase for both PC & console backers.
  • Your name in the credits as a backer.
  • ‘Outlaw’ role on our Discord on request.

Note: Your poster will be displayed in the one of 20 camps in the game, this is the way to give each poster more visibility since we will be displaying very few number of posters each camp!

This backer tier will go live in one batch of 30 at 9:00 AM PT on Friday, April 30th.

We are still in discussions regarding adding additional cool rewards. There’s still looking at the possibility of a limited run physical copy of the game as mentioned in the previous campaign update. Should we include additional backer rewards again, we will follow the same procedure where we inform first and then set a planned date and time considerate of as many timezones as we can.

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