Composer’s Log #1: Inside the Mind of Clark Aboud

Clark Aboud is a renowned composer and producer in the video game space and the brilliant mind orchestrating the original soundtrack for Lost Eidolons. His unique and varied style has been seen blending ominous orchestral colours with unique synths in the hit indie game Slay the Spire, in the mix of sampling, lo-fi synths & beats for the BAFTA winning Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to), and bringing lyrical strings and woodwinds to the flowing score of Make Sail. While it’s still a little too soon for him to share some of the music that he’s been working on, he wanted to share a few words about his creative process.

“For me, one of the most exciting things about composing is writing themes. Melodies that can join the characters on the ups and downs of their journeys. Lost Eidolons is full of those characters and journeys, opportunities to take humble themes to heroic heights for victories in battle, or to twist them into something darker as the story develops.”

“That story needs a soundscape that can both paint the bigger picture of the world of Artemesia and focus in on individual narratives. To capture this, the soundtrack will be recorded with a 40-piece string ensemble, alongside unique instruments like woodwinds, early era strings, and percussion to build out the world with grit and texture.”

“And to support the action of the gameplay, Lost Eidolons will take advantage of dynamic music, to shape the score within the game. Dynamic music allows the soundtrack to adapt as the battle shifts and turns, whether growing in intensity for heroes’ attacks or introducing more ominous tones for the enemy turn.”

“I’m psyched to continue composing the soundtrack, writing, recording and working with the stellar team at Ocean Drive Studios, and am looking forward to everyone playing and listening when Lost Eidolons releases.”

– Clark

We’ll be sharing some of the tracks with everyone as they’re completed so that community members can get an idea of the kind of soundtrack Lost Eidolons will feature (especially those who picked up a physical Collector’s Edition, which will house the entire OST on 2 LP vinyl records). We’re excited to see how Clark can command a live orchestra to help bring the game to life!

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