Story: The Empire

Greetings, tacticians.

Last week we covered the great general Isoro and the coastal province of Benerio. Today, we’re sharing the last story feature, and the one that ties all of our heroes together. We’re going over the backstory of the ruling empire, headed by mighty conqueror Emperor Ludivictus.

A generation ago, Artemesia was a land of seven neighboring kingdoms, which coexisted in relative stability. Now it’s the Ludivictan Empire: an oppressive and tumultuous landscape of seven provinces teetering on the brink of all-out civil war.

And the man responsible for it all? Emperor Ludivictus of House Zerpial.

Prior to the Imperial Unification, House Zerpial was the humble royal family of the Kingdom of Liviyu, a remote nation that largely kept to its own affairs. Then Ludivictus was born, and everything changed.

Ambitious by nature and driven by authoritarian philosophies, Ludivictus became convinced of the need for a unified continent, with himself as its leader. In a matter of years, the cunning young lord had sold his family’s modest holdings to cobble together an army of bandits, pirates, and other unsavory characters. Before anyone knew what was happening, the world had been turned upside down, and Ludivictus was crowning himself Emperor.

Instrumental to this campaign of conquest was Ludivictus’s right hand: Kaspar the Viper.

A senior general in the Imperial Army, Kaspar is an infamously skillful warrior and leader, considered the Emperor’s secret weapon. Respected by his men and feared by his enemies, Kaspar leads from the front. He is known as ‘The Viper’ for his tendency to strike only after careful consideration, but always with flawless precision and deadly effect.

Though he wears the trappings of aristocracy like old money, he in fact began life as a commoner. As a result, rebel sentiment toward Kaspar is divided. Some view him as just another Imperial serpent. Others believe him to be a noble man who sincerely believed in Ludivictus’s mission, now caught on the wrong side of history.

In any case, today House Zerpial reigns supreme, issuing an endless stream of oppressive edicts from the capital city of Leroyaure. Kaspar continues to serve as the Emperor’s sword, commanding the might of the Imperial Army in battle, and stamping out dissent wherever it arises.

But as Ludivictus’s absence from the public eye grows increasingly prolonged, whispers and speculation have begun to abound… and the ever-present embers of uprising now threaten to become a wildfire.

Thus, ends the last story entry in this mini-series. This was put together by our writing team to provide additional context to the people, events, and places in Lost Eidolons, without spoiling any of the game’s story. From the onset of Eden’s campaign in the game, you will encounter new faces, discover new secrets, and ultimately uncover his fate in the grand ordeal that he and his allies are dragged into. What did you think of the bits of game lore? Let us know in the comments and in our community channels!

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