The home stretch! Final Kickstarter week!

Greetings, tacticians!

The final week is upon us. With just 4 days to go, our campaign is currently funded 92% by 806 backers! Thanks to our growing community’s support, we’re now on the cusp of reaching our campaign goal in its entirety. But you know, this campaign was never about raising funds, but rather was about creating a steady foundation of passionate gamers that wanted to help develop a new and exciting turn-based strategy RPG alongside us. What we mean by this is, even had the campaign not succeeded, Lost Eidolons would have been created regardless. However, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign and everyone’s support, we can immortalize early supporters within the game, as well as get to fund awesome stretch goal features that weren’t part of the base game.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

To that end, we should go over the stretch goals, as we’ve made some adjustments to them.

  • $45,000 – Primary funding goal. Unlocks togglable Permadeath feature at Early Access.
  • $50,000 – First stretch goal. Unlocks Hell Mode difficulty at Full Launch, providing the ultimate challenge for strategy enthusiasts. Greater risks and new takes on the existing encounters. The Hell Mode will be involving new passive/active skills and improvements in AI not only increasing the stats of the enemies you encounter!
  • $60,000 – Second stretch goal. Inspired by a similar feature seen in games such as Kingdom Hearts, Hades, and Dragon Quest, this unlocks the Debug Menu post-launch, giving players greater degrees of customizing their playthrough the way you want it. You tailor game parameters to create your own unique experience through Lost Eidolons.

For those who had seen our previous Stretch Goals graphic before the campaign had launched, we’ve re-evaluated the milestone amounts to be more reasonable to achieve with what time we have left in the campaign. Let’s spread the word about Lost Eidolons and reach for the skies!

Next, we’ve also made adjustments to our Social Goal milestones. Most notably, we’ve removed the Facebook Shares goal and added Steam Wishlists, and reduced the milestone goals of each section considerably. In turn, we’ve increased the goal requirement slightly for the early community rewards, and removed the previous 10 Goal reward which was Q&A with Creative Director Jin Sang, which we’ve turned into a regular recurring monthly livestream anyways! A reminder that Social Goal milestones will persist even after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. A few of these goals have already been achieved (100 Retweets, 1000 Steam Wishlists)!

We’d also like to remind folks that this is the last chance to pick up a discounted Collector’s Edition of Lost Eidolons! The bundle contains multiple physical memorabilia of our first major project including Vinyl soundtrack(2LP), collector’s art book, artisan box, an additional digital code for Lost Eidolons, and game case. After the campaign is over, limited sets of the Collector’s Edition will still be available, however we will no longer be covering the cost of shipping with the purchase of these.

This has been a wonderful learning experience for the team at Ocean Drive Studio, whom despite having collectively worked decades within the game industry, had never tried their hand at running a Kickstarter campaign before. We’re humbled that a new start-up with little to no repute prior to this managed to drum up the support of so many of you to nearly fund $45,000 towards our ambitions. Let’s make Lost Eidolons a memorable game in the genre!

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