Status of Game Dev #1

Greetings, backers and future tacticians!

Since we have successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign (again, thanks to all of you!), we would like to provide important game development updates as frequently as possible! Today, as the first “Status of Game Dev” we intend to share future plans up until the Early Access launch of the Lost Eidolons.

What we are currently working on:

#1. Demo Build
As we’re previously mentioned, the team is working hard to get a demo build for the community. The demo build will include the following contents:

  • Episode 7 Combat
  • Camp Actions (outgame) between Episodes 7 and 8
  • Episode 8 Combat

We are trying to include most of the outgame features, but some of the features won’t be complete for the demo build. We’ll share more details about the demo build within a few weeks!

#2. Story Development
Currently, the writing team is finalizing the script for Episodes 9 and 10. Meanwhile, the localization team in the states have been busy building a Lost Eidolons Codex to provide highly detailed background stories of every character and house.
As you have read through our story features in the Kickstarter updates and the blog, we are putting a lot of effort into creating a proper world backdrop that Lost Eidolons takes place in, filled with many nuanced stories and details to help flesh out the setting. Story development will be ongoing non-stop until we have the complete game!

#3. Steam Integration
The team has been also putting in a lot of effort into implementing the Steam platform. The demo will be provided via Steam and we’re nearly finished with Steam implementation.

#4. The Original Soundtrack & Sound Effects
Shared in Composer’s Log #1, we mentioned how Clark has been working on the orchestrated soundtrack! Clark has already completed mock-ups for the camp and combat tracks, and we’re discussing how we can leverage dynamic music cut-ins during the close-up actions.
Also, we’ve started to work on the sound effects. As we make progress with the soundtrack and sound effects, we’ll share them with the community so that we can get your input on it!
For those who attended any of our recent livestreams, you might’ve heard a sneak peak of some of the mock-up tracks already!

#5. Feedback Process in Discussion
We’re working internally to set up a process to efficiently keep track of all the feedback coming from various different community channels. As our goal is to work on the game with the community, and being transparent with our decision on the game, we will get this established soon so that we can keep organized and on top of everyone’s comments!

#6. Core Content Development
We won’t be sharing these in detail in this post, as we will have a “monthly dev update stream” to showcase them. Pretty much, you can expect that every month we’ll have a specialized livestream (that will of course be archived and uploaded) to show the newest developments we’ve made in the game!

Future Abridged Roadmap:

#1. Demo Coming Soon
Sometime in June, we will provide a demo build that will be available for everybody! Please stay tuned for more news.

#2. Closed Beta
In August, we’re hoping to hold the first and the only beta we will be holding prior to Early Access. This will be a more feature-rich version of the demo. We still need to review the development progress to assess the timing, but the goal is to let the community try the game and provide us feedback for us to improve the build before Early Access! This build of the game is available to all Kickstarter backers who backed at $25 or higher. Those who didn’t back will still be able to register to partake!

#3. Early Access
We are scheduling Early Access for October, but again this can be changed based on the development progress and the feedback from the closed beta phase!
We are pursuing the form of open development, and as such we hope to get a great deal of feedback from you – all of the backers – and other communities as well. Please join our Discord server to join the conversation!

And as a final note – please make sure to wishlist the game on Steam, and share news of it with any of your friends who loves similar types of turn-based RPGs! You can also subscribe to our YouTube, where we recently uploaded the one hour of gameplay commentary!

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