The Kickstarter campaign was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Greetings, tacticians!

We’re proud to announce that as of 5:50 AM Pacific time, the Lost Eidolons Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded to 115% (what a nice round number), having raised $51,989 of the original $45,000 goal! The efforts of our community in supporting the campaign—whether you backed a tier, told your co-worker at the water machine (while social distancing), or let your cat know—allowed us to successfully meet our goal while also successfully meeting the 1st stretch goal as well.

This is, with absolute certainty, nothing short of a great success!

To celebrate the end of the campaign, ODS Community Manager Pat, Creative Director Jin Sang, and Founder Jae Kim got together to answer some questions and hang out with the community in the closing moments. You can check out the VOD in the link!

So, what comes next?


Bonus game features are now selected for development!


First, we’re happy to confirm that due to the success of the Kickstarter, we’ll be developing the Permadeath togglable option to be available by Early Access come October this year, as well as the enhanced Hell mode scenario difficulty by full launch in early 2022. As we have additional details and update progress on this, we’ll share it in regular updates.


Fulfillment survey will be coming soon, and your friends can still pick up a copy of the game (+beta access privilige) early!


Next, regarding fulfillment, our studio will be working with the well-known BackerKit. All backers should expect to see a survey in a few weeks (maybe two or three from now) with questions needed to handle fulfillment, such as what platform you want your copy of the game to be on. If you pledged a tier and didn’t get to pick up a physical Collector’s Edition and still want to, please wait for a separate survey which will let you pick up the original discounted version of it per order request.

We’ll shoot out reminders everywhere once we’ve done this!

Through BackerKit, we’re also able to continue allowing people who missed the campaign to pick up an early copy of Lost Eidolons, or a physical Collector’s Edition. This will only be available for then next 32 days, ending on June 22nd. On BackerKit for those who missed the Kickstarter campaign, early bird specials are not available, and the physical Collector’s Edition is at full price now(69.99 usd + shipping) for anyone who didn’t back the project initially. But you still can get the beta access and also the digital deluxe for the special Kickstarter pricing!

You can find us on BackerKit here:

Keep spreading the word to your friends if they missed the Kickstarter campaign!


We will continue to provide Kickstarter updates on the development progress!


During the Kickstarter campaign, we sent out updates nearly daily. As much as we’d like to be able to do that, it’s a bit excessive, and it’d probably eventually get filtered as spam in your inbox. So, update posts will slow down a bit, first once or twice per week and later on down to a few times per month. There are a few programs that will be consistent from now until further notice.

  • Town Hall: Will be scheduled for every Friday, where we curate new questions and feedback that our community has about the game or the studio. On any given week where there aren’t a lot of questions, they’ll roll over to the next week until there are enough! You can submit questions and join in on the discussions on our Discord server! You can check out the latest town hall at the Twitch VOD, where we did live commentary over nearly an hour of unedited in-game combat!
  • Monthly Milestone Livestream: Every month, we’ll have a key livestream showcasing all the new things that our team is working on and accomplished. We’ll be looking for your feedback on them so that we can adjust along the way. For example, in the most recent gameplay showcase, one of our community members noticed the animation for the firing of a bow from an archer unit was unrealistic and had too much excessive motion, which we plan to adjust!

We may share additional updates of miscellaneous things along the way, such as if there’s fan art we can share or other fun things!


Where are we along the development stage? What’s next?


We’ll be sharing more information on the upcoming roadmap for Lost Eidolons soon! Stay tuned!

Overall, while we’re elated at Ocean Drive Studio, for today’s a day of celebration for a successful campaign, there is little time to rest. We have a game to make, and great expectations from our community to meet. We’re aiming to get this game in yours hands in a reasonable timeframe, so you better bet we’re going to put our heart and soul every day into realizing our passion project.

Thank you to all the backers and supporters, no matter how grand or how little the gesture, your encouragement has given us a tremendous morale boost.

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