Lost Eidolons Demo Now Available!

Steam Next Fest has begun and Lost Eidolons is participating! You can try out the game demo today until June 22nd!

[What You Can Expect from Demo]

This is an early look at the game and isn’t a representation of the final game.

In the demo you’ll be able to:

  • Challenge Episode 7’s battle.
  • Visit the camp after Episode 7’s battle.
  • Challenge Episode 8’s battle.
  • Visit the camp after Episode 8’s battle.

While at the camp, you can perform a variety of activities, as well as prepare for the upcoming battle between episodes 7 and 8. The combat will be set to the Challenging difficulty, and since we are not providing other difficulty options, we are providing unlimited use of “Undo” function for the demo.

Also, since we are not providing a “Save” function, you have an option to “Skip the Battle”.

[Join the Community, Provide Feedback]

We want to hear about your first impressions of the game! Let us know on our Discord server or in the newly minted sub-forums in the community Discussions! Feedback and bug reports are duly welcome!

Like what you’re playing and want to support the project? You can still reserve an early copy of the game or it’s limited minted Physical Collector’s Edition on our BackerKit!

[Participate in the Events]

We also have prepared events for all the participants.

1. Observer Contest
We want you to capture screenshots of your favorite moment during the gameplay and share them with the community. Share your screenshots in the screenshots section of the Community Hub and leave the link on the Discord event channel!

You can learn details of the event here!

2. Master Strategist Challenge
Try to win in the fewest number of turns! Clear Episode 8’s combat scenario as quickly as possible and share the video with us! You cannot use the Undo function nor can you lose any units, and the video must be an unedited video of your try. Upload the video on YouTube and share the link with us!

You can learn details of the event here!

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