Lost Eidolons Demo Event Winners

Congratulations to our community members who partook in the Lost Eidolons demo events! We looked through the submissions for both events and have picked out the winners for the Observer Contest and the Master Strategist Contest. Check them out below:

Observer Contest

The goal of the Observer Contest was to take a screenshot of a moment in Lost Eidolons that you enjoyed or stuck to you.

  • Nom-Nom (Physical Collector’s Edition)
  • kenny (Digital Deluxe Edition)

Master Strategist Contest

The Master Strategist Contest put players’ wits to the test by having them complete the daunting Episode 8 scenario without losing a single unit or using the undo command.

  • Reserve (Physical Collector’s Edition)
  • icyski (Digital Deluxe Edition) (Parts | 1, 2, 3)

Winning entrants will be reached out to via Discord DMs this week so that we can collect additional information to send out your prizes.

Our team is looking forward to holding more contests for our community to challenge in the future. We’ll also look into simplifying the process for entering these contests, since the previous one involved a couple of extra steps too many.

Thank you to each of you who participated this time! We’ll be sharing more news soon on the feedback from this demo and our next steps in leveraging them.

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