Thanks for playing the demo!

Greetings, Tacticians!

What an amazing Steam Next Fest!

Over the course of the festival, we saw an awesome amount of people try out the Lost Eidolons demo, and the number of people who wishlisted the game quadrupled.

We’re floored!

Moreover, the amount of in-depth feedback and critical analysis we received about what players had an opportunity to try out was incredible. We’ve scoured feedback from sources everywhere including our Discord, Steam forums, external RPG forums, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

We’re looking over each of these feedbacks and are planning on creating a summary of your thoughts and our responses to share with you all in the upcoming week or two.

The survey to submit feedback will remain open until Sunday, June 27th at 12:00 PM PT, at which time it’ll close. Please submit feedback if you haven’t already! For those who didn’t back the project, you can gain a beta access key for a future playtest, as up to 100 forms will be provided a key for their feedback. Additionally, 10 forms that provide the best feedback will be given a full digital deluxe copy of the game! Even if you pledged to back the project, you can partake in this as well to provide to a friend.

Survey Link: Click!

Next, concerning the demo that you all have already downloaded, we’ll keep it up for a brief period of time before pushing an update to disable it temporarily. However, if you are a content creator or know a content creator that wishes to try out this latest demo build, they should reach out to us either on here or via our Twitter and we’ll work something out! It’s all part of getting the word out on Lost Eidolons.

Lastly, if you have any friends who tried out the demo and still wants to support Lost Eidolons, they can still pick up a copy of the game or the physical Collector’s Edition via BackerKit until Wednesday 5:50 AM PT!

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