(Updated Aug. 19th) Kickstarter Fulfillment Surveys

Update Aug. 19th: All BackerKit fulfillment surveys have been sent out as of 10:30 AM PST! Please check your e-mail (and your spam folders and the like) for an e-mail from BackerKit regarding fulfilling your pledge rewards! If you’re having difficulty or did not receive your survey, please reach out to us at contact@oceandrive.studio.

Greetings, Tacticians!

Back in May, we had a resounding success as the Lost Eidolons Kickstarter smashed through its $45,000 goal and funded a glorious $51,989, an amount which also fulfilled its stretch goal for an enhanced difficulty ‘Hell’ mode.

It’s been about two months since then, and we’re just about ready to send out surveys to start handling fulfillment of everyone’s pledges who backed our project.

The surveys will be sent via BackerKit, who we’re working with to ensure that everybody gets what they paid for. The first surveys will be sent out today to a few folks to ensure that everything is working properly, followed by all the other surveys at once if everything checked out okay with the first batch. We hope to have all surveys sent out to all backers by next week, Tuesday August 24th.

We ask that you carefully read over each survey question and check twice before submitting your survey. For pledge tiers that are receiving multiple copies of the game or digital deluxe edition, you must select which platform you want each copy of the game as well as how you want to receive the bonus digital content if applicable.

After completing your survey, you’ll have the option to pick up any additional add-ons that you still want before submitting. For those of you who pledged extra support when you initially backed the project, you can use that surplus amount towards any of these extras as a credit if you wish! Add-ons include:

  • Physical Collector’s Edition ($69.00)
  • Digital Artbook + World Map ($5.00)
  • Original Soundtrack, Digital ($5.00)
  • Digital Copy of Lost Eidolons ($30.00)

Our team at Ocean Drive Studio is excited to see all of the creative things you will all come up with to be immortalized into our game! Lost Eidolons is our game as a collective, yourself included.

For any additional questions or survey troubleshooting, please join our Discord server, where you can ask questions and receive answers live! You can also reach out to us at contact@oceandrive.studio for e-mail assistance.

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