Lost Eidolons Hotfix Beta1.21w40.5.R107

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error in which the speed function was applied to cutscenes in battle
  • Fixed animation error when playing without weapons
  • Fixed the effect error in which the opened treasure chest was repeated during battle
  • Fixed the error where the [Swap Weapon] command was given to units equipped with only the grimoire
    • Fixed so that the commands are not given for units that cannot change weapons
  • Fixed the error where Linard could not participate in the Chapter 8 battle
  • Fixed Gilbert’s magic skills setting so that he can join the battle
    • [Previous] Dark Arrow / Dark Grasp / Putrefy
    • [Fixed] Dark Arrow / Dark Blast / Dark Grasp
  • Improved eye handling in Chapter 6 cutscenes
  • Fixed resolution information error
    • Fixed an error where scrolling did not work when checking the resolution on a 2k monitor size 1280 as it was previously not possible
  • Korean/English tutorial has been corrected (WASD keys fixed to arrow keys), and other languages will be additionally applied soon.
  • Add/Edit translations
    • Fixed some translation errors in the game
    • Applied additional translations

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