In the Driver Seat: Jae (CEO) and Jin Sang (Creative Dir.)

Happy Lunar New Year! New year, new blog! 

Welcome to a new series we’re calling, In the Driver Seat. It’s a monthly post where different members of Ocean Drive Studios talk about their work, the game, and a little bit of themselves. Sometimes it’ll be a blog, sometimes it’ll be a vlog. Sometimes it’ll be informative, sometimes it’ll be fun. Sometimes it’ll be long, sometimes it’ll be short. You get the idea.

Game development is a long journey and we’d like to share this ride as much as we can, however we can. Hopefully, you will enjoy the drive and find the destination that much sweeter when we get there.

And who better to start us off than Jae our fearless leader, and Jin Sang the creative force behind Lost Eidolons. Here they are, sharing their thoughts for what’s in store for Lost Eidolons and more in the new year! 

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