The Tactician’s Guide to Artemesia #1

Hello to all the brilliant Tacticians waiting to test out their wits in Artemesia!

Your friendly neighborhood ODS GeeK here. In case you don’t know me: I am the Digital Content Manager at Ocean Drive Studio, and am mostly known for my appearance on the monthly dev chat streams, as well as my heavy use of cat GIFs in our Discord server.

That goofy guy on the left, that’s me.

We are now officially a week out from Lost Eidolons’ PC launch, so the team at Ocean Drive Studio decided to run a series of brief posts to help you get ready for the journey you are about to embark on. You know, the Eidolons should be the only ones that are lost.

Today, I’d like to briefly touch on the various combat situations you can find in Lost Eidolons. You’ll encounter different scenarios on the battlefield, and each time you are faced with choices. Just like real life, right?

Here are some examples:

  • You can rush the gate while being singed, take it slow for a harder siege, or…

Viturin must be a blazer of trails…

  • Keeping Andrea undetected to reach the objective is an option… but you know you can always fight the enemy head-on.

Am I the only one who wants to give Andrea a cardboard box?

While I am only sharing a couple examples here, I hope you get to enjoy the full spectrum of all the different settings our battles come in! We put a lot of thought into creating them.

Seasoned tacticians will be able to employ various tactics and weather through these different combat scenarios with ease, while a rather reckless one (like the man writing this blog post) may make some irrecoverable mistakes. Well, I guess it’s time to undo my last 5 turns… and 5 paragraphs.

ODS GeeK out.

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