The Tactician’s Guide to Artemesia #2

Greetings all. 

I’m ODS ThorThor, Ocean Drive Studio’s Communications Director, which is just a fancy way of saying I work a little bit on all the mediums used to present and talk to you about our games. Exciting, I know.

But today, I’m happy to be left alone at my desk to discuss the broad topic of characters in Lost Eidolons.

I’d much prefer to be alive, please.

If you’ve read this far, I think it’s safe to assume you’re interested in the game so you already know who Eden is and how he’s the protagonist of Lost Eidolons. You probably also have seen him in his gold-plated armor looking very commander-like, swinging a sword, and maybe crashing a thunderbolt or two down on someone’s head. 

And yes, that is our hero Eden. However, you can just as easily swap out his armor with a mage’s robe, put a grimoire in his hand, and have him cast healing spells. Or maybe put him in the furry shorts of a berserker and charge directly into the fray swinging a battle axe.

You see, in Lost Eidolons, no character is bound to any particular class. 

There are five different archetypes (Hunter, Warrior, Wizard, Priest, and Knight) that are split into four tiers of classes for you to choose from.

Eden, of course, has a special final class that would be easier to unlock through the advancement of the knight class but I prefer him in the berserker make myself.

All the characters you add to your army, through either natural story progression or recruit by cajoling and/or bribing, may say they’re naturally this or that class. Don’t listen to them. You’re the commander of this army, they will be what you mold them to be!


The business of advancing through the classes is a serious one. You have to be a certain character level and meet the mastery requirements of your weapon and armor. Just because everyone is equipped with a bow as a secondary weapon doesn’t mean you will master it enough to become a ranger. You really have to work on it both on and off the battlefield.

So when it is finally time to advance, an Advancement Ceremony is held where the advancing characters are announced and they trade in their old lowly armor to fancier duds.


I must admit that Francisco and Klara are my favorite playable characters. And aside from the story, my motivation to keep playing is to have them wear the outfits of each class.

But hey, Eden glows up pretty nicely too.

Though nobody will ever out-style Lord Pompom (real name: Lord of Pomelde). The man is the embodiment of fashun.

Now, though I named Francisco and Klara as my favorite playable characters, if I were to consider the entire roster, Balastar and Chelcia will be in my top three. Sorry Francisco, but something about badassery tugs at my heart.

You will see plenty of Balastar and Chelcia both on and off the battlefield even if they’re not playable characters. If Eden has Klara, Balastar has Chelcia. Eden also has Marchelle and Balastar has Elena…but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Did I mention these characters really come alive because they’re fully dubbed (in English)?

As someone who’s seen the game pre-VO and can compare to post-VO, the impact is truly amazing thanks to the talented cast I now list in no particular order.


Character Actor
Eden Stephen Fu
Klara Jennifer Losi
Chelcia Cassandra Morris
Balastar Chris Tergliafera
Francisco David Cooley
Gilbert Keith Silverstein
Andrea Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Godfrey Evan Michael Lee
Guillermo Jordan Reynolds
Isoro Christopher Smith
Marchelle Brittany Cox
Leon Joe Zieja
Robin Billy Kametz/Ricco Fajardo
Albrecht Chris Hackney
Merten Keith Silverstein
Maurin Mick Wingert
Robere Bill Millsap
Johanna Suzie Yeung
Linard Ernesto Jason Liebrecht
Guard Captain / Karl / Imperial Army Captain Christopher Bevins
Kaspar Jarred Kjack
Cristobal Jason LaShea
Eris Suzie Yeung
Hector Jason LaShea
Elena Erica Mendez
Elias Richard Epcar
Roth Jordan Reynolds
Viturin Jarred Kjack
Merchant Porter Daman Mills
Edie Erica Mendez
Fontaine Evan Michael Lee
Gio John Matthew
Josh Daman Mills
Sera/Cloaked Woman Mara Junot
Abramo Daman Mills
Ludivictus Richard Epcar
Pavlo Daman Mills
Aurelio Ernesto Jason Liebrecht
Envoy Christopher Bevins
Lady Esperanza Mara Junot
Lord Abelard Rick Zieff
Lord Carlos Evan Michael Lee
Lord Enrique Jason LaShea
Lord Rodrigo Jordan Reynolds
Lord Royce Mick Wingert
Ms. Wells Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Old Puppeteer Rick Zieff
Male Prisoner 3 Mick Wingert

There you have it–my ramblings of characters in Lost Eidolons. I wonder if I’ll be invited back to write again…


ODS ThorThor

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