The Tactician’s Guide to Artemesia #4

ODS Orbit here!  I’m one of the newest members here at Ocean Drive Games, so hello there! I was also told that I wouldn’t get my daily food rations if I didn’t write a blog post. I’m hungry so uhhh..HERE I AM! At this point, you may have seen some of the nonsensical stuff I’ve posted on our social media channels. 

I’d like to apologize for them. 🙇

I would typically be in charge of telling you to visit and add us on our social media channels like our Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages 😏, but not today (sort of)! I’m here to drop some knowledge on the campgrounds in Lost Eidolons!  Don’t worry, there are no bears or mosquitos to bother you in our camps.  

But fair warning. You might have to worry about mosquito-bears.

Trust me, they didn’t hire me for my photoshop skills

I’ve been a life-long fan of Tactical/Strategy RPGs so I would consider myself a veteran of the genre. This means I have played a TON of these over the years.  While the turn-based combat and the character customization is the main course of TRPGs, it’s nice to take a little break from all the pixelated and polygonal violence!

“Peace was never an option” – Albrecht, probably

In Lost Eidolons, the campgrounds can be considered a “hub area” where you take on side-activities and manage your troops.  Here, you have direct control of Eden and can run around the camp to speak to NPCs and merchants.

Drones were invented in this universe much earlier

However, one of the most important functions of the camp is the training grounds.  Any character in the game can be ANY class in Lost Eidolons. We don’t limit your role-playing goals! Do you want to have Francisco (a “Tank” archetype) be a priest and fling around holy spells to smite your enemies? You can do that!  The only limiting factor is the character’s equipment mastery level. You level up your character’s equipment mastery simply by using the assigned equipment during battles. So in the example above, Francisco would need to use Light magic spellbooks to gain experience and meet the required level to unlock the Priest class. However, you can expedite the process by placing characters in the training grounds!  After a battle, the characters you’ve set in the training window will earn some EXP once you head back to camp. That’s free mastery EXP!

The single player campaign is a long and challenging one, but you can also partake in optional missions as well! These optional missions are unrelated to the main story and take you to the battlefield.  It’s the perfect way to grind some levels to boost up your troops without advancing the storyline! Keep in mind that there are a limited number of optional battles. We do want you to do the main campaign eventually. 😉

As a leader, you must also look over your camp’s needs and wants.  Between battles, you can spend Leadership points to initiate special camp activities with  NPCs.  Having meals with your allies and giving them gifts for example require Leadership points.  Spending time with the various characters in the game is quite important as it ties in with the Rapport system.  Rapport is quite important, so we’ll cover this more in a future blog!

The most important thing to note is that Leadership points get fully restored each time you come back to camp and any unused points will not carry over, so make sure to spend them in-between chapters!

Overall, there’s much more to Lost Eidolons than just the battles.  Recruiting allies, setting up training for your troops, and completing optional battles is just part of the various activities you can do. You’ve taken on a leadership role in this rebellion, and it’s your duty to manage your troops effectively in the camp!

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