The Tactician’s Guide to Artemesia #5

ODS ThorThor reporting back for duty.

Hope everyone’s off to a good start to the week on this fine Monday! As for myself, it’s actually Sunday night as I write this, and I am a bit tired as I sit here trying to be coherent.

Thankfully, ODS Orbit went over the big topic of the Camp so I get to zero in on the Rapport System. If you haven’t read that blog, highly recommend you give it a read so what I write here makes a little more sense.

Please excuse my breaking out the dictionary as if I were a middle schooler writing my first essay, but Meriam Webster defines “rapport” as: “a friendly, harmonious relationship. Especially a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy.”

So like, “friendship” but upgraded to sound cooler in-game. 

IRL or in Artemesia, life is better with friends. And when you’re Eden, a budding general tasked with somehow leading a ragtag group of misfits into battle and winning a war, life is safer with allies by your side.

There are four states of rapport: Peer, Acquantaince, Close Ally, and Trusted Friend. (Though you’ve been life-long buds with your mercenary pals like Francisco, you still start as peers. Go figure.)

There are a few different ways to build rapport. You can share meals, chat and run side quests, have spar sessions, and if all else fails you can’t go wrong with bribing…errr…gifting them some neat stuff you’ve collected.

Sparring is a risky proposition. You risk bruising your ego by failing super simple finger DDR.

But the other ways of escaping the peer zone like sharing meals and gifting will only cost you time, Leadership Points, and the items you had saved in your inventory.

Why should you bother with building rapport, you ask? In real life, so that people will actually like you. In Lost Eidolons, so you can unlock things like new chats, quests, and rewards that will not only help you on the battlefield but will enrich the story. Well, some of them will anyway. Choose your friends wisely. 

It’s release week for us this week. Hope you check out Lost Eidolons and stop by our Discord to build some rapport with us Ocean Drive peoples. 😉

And on that rather cringe note–bye!

ODS ThorThor

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