A Letter from Ocean Drive Studio: One Week Recap

Hello Everyone,

It has been already a week since we launched the game! First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the support and all the great feedback you have provided. We are grateful to have players like you passionately sharing suggestions and insights on how we can improve further.
As we have stated, we worked on Lost Eidolons to make something meaningful for the fans of the genre, and every feedback you provide is helping us shape future of the game. We want to continue to build upon Lost Eidolons to make it into a series, and hope to create more games in the Lost Eidolons franchise!

Can’t believe it has been already a full week since the release!

Today, I would like to provide you with a quick recap of how we are doing, and what our plans are after taking notes from the community on Lost eidolons.

Studio-Side Updates

The team at Ocean Drive Studio had quite an eventful week. With Lost Eidolons being the studio’s first game, we have been diligently reviewing feedback, discussing our response to them, and listing up things to work on since the game’s release. Also, it was interesting to get reviews from media, as well as seeing OpenCritic and Metacritic scores come up.

Our main focus has been reviews coming from players, and we are reading every single review coming up on Steam. Believe it or not, we literally read them all, listed up all of them, and had extensive meetings to discuss our next steps.

In terms of content creator reviews and media reviews, we are generally happy! Overall, we are getting positive reviews. It was especially exciting to get a “BUY” rating from ACG, as lots of us love his content! Also, we were pleasantly surprised by Mortismal Gaming posting a Review After 100% in a very short period time!

Feel free to watch ACG’s review again and share it with your friends:

Overall, it was an exciting week for the team, and now we are very focused on taking action to make improvements! Please join our Discord and chat with us and the community so that we can discuss more Lost Eidolons!

Future Plans

I would like to discuss plans in three sections as I have shared in our letter on launch day.

Communication and QoL Improvement

Based on the feedback and suggestions we have received, we are planning lots of updates and would like to discuss a few important ones below:

  • Turn Limit Off Mode: We finalized our execution plan after reviewing technical issues. We are going to make a separate mode option at the title screen. We are looking at first week of November to bring this update to you. (This new mode requires us to change some of the technical structure related to saving undo information and mid-battle records, so it is taking more time than we have anticipated. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to add it earlier!) Please see the details on how we are going to implement them below:
    • New Turn Limit Option in Title Screen: You can toggle between Turn Limit On and Off when you start a new game.
    • Temporary Save Mid-Battle: We performed work on the backend so that your ability to leave to Title and come back to continue the battle works the same for Turn Limit Off Setting
    • Undo: We made adjustments in the backend so that you still have same access to the Undo feature when playing with Turn Limit Off Setting
    • Turn Bonus: You still get bonus EXP by clearing the stage with a lower number of turns when playing on Turn Limit Off Setting – we reviewed completely taking them out, but we wanted to consider this as part of growth strategy – getting more EXP with other tactics in battle by using more turns, or taking bonus with minimal use of turns. Also, if this is not there, the latter difficulty level can be too high vs. Turn Limit On Setting
  • Story Telling Improvements: We have taken a few notes from watching Lost Eidolons videos on YouTube and Twitch, and also studied lots of reviews. We have started exploring a few ideas to streamline the overall storytelling. This will be taken in several steps, and we will continue to optimize them. Also, we will be testing internally to make decisions on what kind of improvements to apply
    • As the first step, we are reviewing the first few chapters and seeing if we can improve the storytelling and potentially reduce the number of cutscenes
    • For the second step, we are reviewing improving the quality of the cutscenes
      • Making improvements on animations to make it match with the lines
      • Potential change in the structure of the cutscenes, including changing the blurred backgrounds, reducing the pauses between lines, showing two characters on the screen instead of having too many fade-ins and fade-outs

In addition to the two areas above, we are reviewing lots of other topics including: Ultrawide Monitor Resolution Support, UI Font Size Change Options, Prestige Quest UI Improvements, Steam Deck Compatibility, and more.
You can always visit our Feature Upvote Board to look at what kind of suggestions are made, and how we are taking care of them! Please visit the site and join the community to provide your feedback for the game.

Also, I want to share a note that, when we review the feedback, we always see if the suggestions or feedback fit with our design philosophy. As the creative director and the team have very specific pillars in mind when we made the game, we will closely review each feedback and ensure it aligns with our philosophy. Lots of the game design aspects can be subjective areas, and when we make decisions we will make sure to share the reason behind the decision!

Game Content Plans

Currently, we have so many cool ideas to work on, and the first major update (schedule not decided yet) will be New Game Plus mode and Console/Debug mode.

The reason behind prioritizing these is because both can provide more replayability and can let you create your own Lost Eidolons experience!
We are currently taking a deep dive into the how we want to design and implement these features, and will work to bring them to you as soon as possible. As we have always done, we will make sure to share the progress we make for New Game Plus and Console/Debug modes. If you haven’t already, you should follow our social channels (YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/Facebook) so that you can hear when we share progress updates with you!

Platform Expansion

As we have shared before, we are working on a version for Xbox Series S and X. For those of you who want to see our game on Xbox Game Pass, we cannot share any news yet. We want to be there, but it involves business decision from Xbox, and we will focus on making a great Xbox build and share more news about launch details as soon as we have them. Again, the Xbox version of Lost Eidolons is scheduled for Q1 next year!
And for PS5 and Switch – we are discussing a few options internally. This can include working with other partners who can help us go there earlier! We don’t have any detailed plans yet, so we will share them with you as soon as we have them. But what’s very important here is that we want to be on PlayStation and Switch, so please stay tuned for future updates on the platform expansion.

Thank you for being very supportive, and everyone at Ocean Drive Studio is happy to have you as our community. If you are reading this update, you are part of our community, and we would like to continue to work on the game with you. As you can see on the Steam Community, Discord, and Twitter, every staff at Ocean Drive Studio cares about our players and we really want the game to succeed so that we can work on more Lost Eidolons games. If you want to share any thoughts, or face any problem with the game, please feel free to connect with us. We are here to chat with you!

We are diligently working to resolve reported bugs, make quality-of-life improvements, and design future updates! We humbly ask for your continued support.


Best Regards,

Jungsoo Lee, Head of Global Business




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