Come Play Blackout Protocol at PAX East 2023!

Hello Agents!

When we shared the news that we will be at PAX East 2023, one of the very first questions we received from the community was, “will Blackout Protocol be playable there?” I can give you a resounding yes–we are bringing Blackout Protocol to Boston!

Today, I’m here to give you a preview of Blackout Protocol presence at PAX. Please note that most of the images in this post are based on mock-ups, so the final products you see on the PAX floor may be slightly different.

First, the booth: this year, we will have two full sessions of Blackout Protocol running–that’s double from last year. Less wait time means more QTs taken care of, for a speedy containment of the Section 13 breach. If you’re at PAX, make sure you stop by at booth #19085!

Now for a bigger surprise: goodies. While I won’t call the desk mats from PAX West 2022 “so last year”, we did decide to bring new stuff to PAX East 2023. New year, new items! Oh, and you know what’s even better? When you play Blackout Protocol and fill out a quick survey at our booth, you can get three different items. Yes, three. Okay, let me just spill the beans without building too much suspense.

What does S2P Corporation do best, beside cutting-edge research? Containing threats! You’ll get a drawstring bag to contain all the dangerous(ly good) stuff you encounter at PAX.

(Bottom-right image is the back side!)
Ever found yourself not wanting to put a cup directly on your desk mat–especially if you got it from last year’s challenge at our booth? You’ll get one of the cork coasters to sit between your drink and your desk mat. It’s just doing what S2P already does–protect your daily life.

I get to share the real deal for this one: a small but mighty piece of the goodies this year is a pin from one of the designs above. Please note the sharp end should not be pointed at any living being other than QTs, and even that should be limited to dire circumstances.

Do not worry if you won’t be at PAX East this year. Follow us on social media, as we will post behind-the-scenes and on-the-floor posts to share our PAX experience. For the gameplay side of things, we will be bringing Blackout Protocol’s second closed beta to you very soon. Make sure you sign up on Blackout Protocol’s Steam store page, and get your friends to sign up so that you can explore the depths of Section 13 base together!




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