[UPDATED] Blackout Protocol Demo in Steam Next Fest June 2023

[June 19, 2023 – Added the detailed list of changes with the updated demo build]


Blackout Protocol is part of Steam Next Fest June 2023. While the demo has been available for some time, we updated the build with additional changes for Steam Next Fest. Please note that the demo will no longer be available once Steam Next Fest ends.

We also have a new feedback survey to make further improvements to the game. Please make sure you fill it out and help shape the future of Blackout Protocol!

Below are some changes from CB3 that you will find in the Steam Next Fest demo. Some features you may have already noticed in the previous demo build, but we would like to use this opportunity to go over them altogether.

Changes Since Closed Beta 3
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some untranslated text showing in the game
  • Fixed the issue where Scalpel was unable to fire weapons after reloading, if she used her active skill while wielding a Sawed-Off Shotgun with an empty mag (Reported on Discord)
  • Fixed the issue where the damage reduction modifier was not consistently applied under certain conditions on Intern (Easy) difficulty
  • Fixed the issue where some room names and Agent names were showing as question marks
New Features
  • Added the S2P Archives menu that provides a better sense of growth in a lore-friendly way

    • The Armory shows all weapons and tactical equipment you unlocked
    • The Nethersphere shows all permanent enhancements you unlocked
  • Added visual/sound effects for unlocking new weapons with blueprints
  • Added VO/sound effects for combat barks, pings/quick chats, and UI interactions
  • Added difficulty selection in the Lobby screen, and updated the names to Intern (Easy) and Full-Time (Normal)

    • Added UI for providing details for each difficulty
    • Intern (Easy) Difficulty Overview
      • Reduced friendly fire damage: 60% on Full-Time (Normal) difficulty → 20% on Intern (Easy) difficulty
      • Removed Panic Gauge loss when taking physical damage while in the dark: 100% → 0%
      • We plan to continue monitoring the Intern (Easy) difficulty and make further adjustments as necessary
  • Added ways to invite Steam friends, change characters, and swap weapons while waiting outside the Section 13 base entrance
    • To invite friends or change characters, interact with the telephone booth outside the base

    • To swap weapons, interact with the frunk of the trusty ride that brought you to your mission
  • Added text chat for better communication with other Agents
  • New character selection screen that shows both the general S2P lore and character backgrounds better

  • Revamped the Synaptic Enhancement selection UI so that it is easier to see how certain card choices will affect proficiency points and weapon perks

    • Information on the left shows the 4 categories (Firearms, Psionic, Bionic, and R&D) and proficiency points
    • Information on the right (expanded when you press Tab) shows how the currently highlighted Synaptic Enhancement may affect the weapon perks of your loadout
  • Combined the “Quick Start” and the “Lobby” buttons into the “Start” button in the title screen
    • “Start” button will take Agents to the Lobby menu where they can create/join rooms
  • Lobby menu will now show all rooms regardless of the region
  • Changed so that weapons you haven’t unlocked show only as silhouettes in the weapon selection menu

Don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam to be the first to get notified once we start Early Access on July 19, 2023 PT! The team continues to work hard for Early Access to bring you even more content and changes, including menu navigation using the mouse. All the more reason to look forward to Early Access!


ODS Team

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