Thanks for Playing Blackout Protocol Demo!


With Steam Next Fest ending, we are wrapping up the demo period for Blackout Protocol as well. It was great to see you enjoy Blackout Protocol–in some cases, playing with ODS staff. As we continue working on the game for Early Access and beyond, telling us about your gameplay experience and feedback will give us a better idea on how the game can be improved.

We will keep the Steam Next Fest demo feedback survey open for a couple more days. The survey includes questions that help us determine what type of art style we want to explore for Blackout Protocol’s key art in the future.

We will share our learnings from the demo in the near future, and we hope to find opportunities to share what you can expect in Early Access. Please stay tuned to hear more from us in the future! Also, don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam to be notified when we enter Early Access on July 19, 2023.


ODS Team

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