S2P Intel Report #6: How to Be Pro Like Orbit

Hello Peasants,

I’m ODS Orbit of Ocean Drive Studio fame! Nice for you to meet me again.

So Orbit fans. Not gonna lie. I kiiiiiiiiiinda feel targeted. ThorThor came up to me this morning and said “Hey, Orbit! You know what you’re good at? Shooting at me! Write a blog about how to NOT play like you.” and I said “No way, man! I’m the best Blackout Protocol player in this office. I’m not writing it!”

It’s the principle of it, you know? I can write a blog about whatever I want. No one’s going to force me what to do.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about how to not play like me! I swear it has nothing to do with my conversation earlier. Here are my top 3 tips on being a good teammate in Blackout Protocol. Hey, maybe you and your friend can finally get past the Parking Lot level! Those enemies in the Lobby area are getting reeaaaeallllyyyy bored!

Tip #1: Fire only when you have the line of sight of the enemy!

Classic ThorThor in her natural habitat.

Friendly fire: it’s deadly, it’s always on, and you’re going to lose a lot of friends along the way! This isn’t your great grandma’s roguelite game, junior! Bullets don’t magically pass through your teammates and into enemy skulls. You actually have to make the effort to NOT hit your allies. Don’t turn your teammates into Swiss cheese with that minigun. Save that anger for the actual enemies. Or go ahead and kill your teammates. What do I care.


If you’re a terrible shot… don’t pick this up, maybe?

When you pick up that ammo case, your teammates don’t magically get those bullets with you. You pick that up and it’s gone for everyone in your team. Don’t be that jerk that shoots 5 or 6 bullets then proceeds to pick up the ammo case because you think you’ll need it. If you’re that person who wastes ammo because you can’t hit the side of a barn, maybe reserve that ammo for that one teammate doing all the hard carrying. Which reminds me.

HEY, ODS Kangaroo! There’s a reason I’m punching QTs with my fist!

A simple “Hey, does anyone need this ammo case next to me?” has the potential to be a game winning play! I guess that’s a good segue to the next topic…

Tip #3: Communication! Communication! Communication!

This took 500,000 hours of coding, so use it.

Look, man. I know you won the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Most Socially Awkward Person in a Day Time Drama and internet nerds are scary, but in order to succeed in Blackout Protocol, you gotta talk to your teammates. We were even nice enough to add built-in voice chat to help you talk. Too shy to grace us with that angelic voice of yours? There are pings to mark points of interest and a modifiable communication wheel to give your team a heads up about something. You can even customize the wheel to mention you’re low on ammo! Now if only there was a wheel option to tell your teammate to leave your room…

Really, the TL:DR of this blog is to get on my level and just get good. I’m just kidding. You’re not that bad. Just do me a favor and don’t enter my room, please.


ODS Orbit

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