Updates on Lost Eidolons Console Version and Collector’s Edition

Greetings, Tacticians.

We apologize that it took a while longer for this post than what we promised in our last update. Much has been going on for Ocean Drive Studio and our partners, and we’d like to bring you news on two things many of you have been waiting for!

Lost Eidolons on Console

We appreciate many Tacticians waiting patiently for the console version of Lost Eidolons since our PC release last October, especially when we announce that the game would come to Xbox (Series X|S) and PlayStation (PS5). While we can’t say the wait is exactly over just yet, we wanted to assure you that it is indeed coming, and very soon. We finally have the release date for Lost Eidolons on console: August 24th, 2023! For more details, please check out the press release and trailer from Plug In Digital, our console porting partner.

Physical Collector’s Edition

Another news we’d like to share is on the Collector’s Edition. We’re finally caught up with production after the global supply chain issue, and are very close to getting them in the hands of those who ordered it during our Kickstarter campaign! Our plan is to ship them mid August, so backers who have ordered the collector’s edition can keep an eye out for a pleasant surprise in the mail soon.

We are deeply grateful for everyone who have shown continued support and interest throughout the delay with console port and physical edition production. We pledge to continue to do our best in creating the best gameplay experience we can, shaping each ODS game together with the community!


ODS Team

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