Celebrating 1 Year of Lost Eidolons!


It’s hard to believe that Lost Eidolons is about to celebrate a full year after launch!

The game has seen many changes within the past year. To list just a few: we released on console platforms (Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation5), got verified for the Steam Deck, added New Game + mode, made improvements to various parts of the gameplay including cutscenes and endings, and brought other various changes to the game. This was possible through everyone’s feedback and support, so we would like to share our sincere gratitude to our community.

To celebrate our launch anniversary, Lost Eidolons will go on a whooping 60% discount for a week–and this applies to our amazing OST and beautiful artbook as well! If you’ve been waiting for a time to snag any of them, now is your chance. If you already own them all, it can be a prime time to convert a friend of yours into a loyal SRPG fan. Just a thought.

If you enjoyed the game, make sure you check out and wishlist the spinoff, Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch, on Steam to be the first to hear the latest news on Artemesia.

ODS Team

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